Vietnam War; Combat Assault (Battle with NVA)

Combat footage of a GI battle with NVA forces during the Vietnam War.

35 thoughts on “Vietnam War; Combat Assault (Battle with NVA)

  1. What a waste of time and lives

  2. Greasy Flight says:

    The dude at 62 8 yeah he made sure you got home

  3. Hat's off to ANYONE who served then and there – whether they be enlisted or draftees, I pay tribute to you all. As a mental health therapist who's had the privilege to provide services for several Nam Vets – dealing with trauma often times a half-century old, I salute you. Much respect.

  4. if you see a vietnam vet, be sure to thank them… they deserve at least our support since our shit government refuses to support them.

  5. Raymond Smith says:

    These guys still have their acne. Fuckin kids

  6. CR055F1RE says:

    turns out the commies got in through the schools

  7. Mr. Anthony says:

    @6:11 we want the young man to know he has a gratifying job at LOWES in lumber and you get an extra 1 USD an hour! OR! actually put this guy directly into law enforcement as they all should be, so we have less pussies shooting up the town.

    "Sir, I did not open fire on the black man as I knew he only had a knife in each hand. At that point I dropped my firearm. Knew he wasn't serious, and I proceeded to talk him down, and he politely put both knives in my fanny pack where I instructed him to. Because I know war when I see it. This didn't call for war. He has at war himself/herself…nah this was just playing patty cake compared to Nam." Thick skin boys with a constitution, conviction, ethics, sharp mind to what is REALLY a danger…. is who I want in law enforcement.

    Quit sending them to the VA and putting them on dope you motherfuckers. They are an asset.

    2 birds 1 stone.

  8. Meg Shimatsu says:

    They were just kids…..

  9. Lorenzo De La Rosa says:

    The draft put them there and then people blamed them for fight in the war

  10. dachicagoan says:

    They all have that same intense stare when they're in the bush.

  11. Pollux95630 says:

    Respect to these men

  12. luis pancich says:

    Congratulation all US fighters in Vietnam War, my respect for that peoples !

  13. antoinette woodall says:

    my dad was in tay nin in 1969 to 1970

  14. I remember when i went to nam i would pretend i was dead while all my friends fought and died. After the fights i would get up and clean my self and the guys would always be mad. I never shot back i wad scared rather play dead. I came back with metals

  15. Shaun Davis says:

    Have an 8 month old baby. It would be devastating & terrifying to be over there worried if I will ever see him again. These guys are brave American heroes

  16. Adam Cazares says:

    I would hate to piss off Sgt dunnick

  17. Andrew Jones says:

    Did Lyle Dummock (Killer) make it out

  18. C. Peterson says:

    That’s why the draft didn’t work. You want volunteer warriors not kids that just hated military life.

  19. cody donoghue508 says:

    i hate the commentators

  20. dguaracha123 says:

    All of this; torture, pain, suffering, worrying, fear, etc.
    Based on a lie. 😢

  21. I'm 26 now… and it's weird to think that at that time, there were people who'd been to war and killed people 6 years earlier. 6 years ago I didn't have a fucking clue what I was doing in my life. Man, it's weird.

  22. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen says:

    "Killer"he was just a Regular Man,fighting for his country…fuck off libtard left press…

  23. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen says:

    Thank you for your service!!

  24. jodi Muse says:

    The freakin conditions would bring anyone to their knees. Then let's just add a war to this fucking concoction. Not just any war,This war! OMFG! ❤️🙏❤️ such heros each and every one. This shit screws with your mind just watching it! Welcome home heros!

  25. Het Shmee says:

    "My grandfather was the CO of this company. Sgt Dunnick survived the war and became a roofer, but died prematurely from complications related to agent orange."


  26. Donald Jones says:

    I was a grunt for the 196th Inf Bde in 1971. This was the most intense part of my life ever. When I think about it now it all was so surreal.

  27. For anyone wondering, the man at the end – PFC George Rivera made it home safely to NYC and passed away in 2013.

  28. Chuck Mcilvaine says:

    Now it is thank you for your service. Back then it was your a war pig and were told not to wear your uniform off base when you got home.

  29. stdredneek753 stimy says:

    oh bot old cbs fake news and propaganda gee whiz

  30. Never EVER trust the American Government ever again!!!!

  31. alonzo calvillo says:

    Next month will be 50 years since I was over there.I was with the 1/12th Cav. of the 1st Air Cav. Division.My stint was a short two months, from May to July.I was fortunate to get a “millon dollar wound” and got shipped back to the States. Recently I checked my old unit roster online and found out a lot of the guys that I served with are dying at a rapid rate as time goes by.

  32. Gerald Spessard says:

    I ember the heat. Prickly heat. Took aboutca month to climatize. I loved the jungle. Crazy huh? I could be just as invisible as the enemy. These soldiers were too close together. Easy ambush victims. I learned. Some didnt. We only got a hot meal and mail and sometimes a warm beer after a firefight. Ammo, if you were lucky. I remember my best friend. Still do today. He will always be 20 years old. I became a Pony Soldier. 5 nab long range recon. I was the NCO in charge of some really good young men. I had just turned 21. 1 Lt, 1 Sgt and 3 Sp/4s. 5 man team. The only way to operate.

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