Vietnam War: Cobra Gunship mission firing Flechettes (Combat Footage)

A mission using Flechette rockets(rockets filled with nails), followed up by an explination and a test run using the Flechettes.

44 thoughts on “Vietnam War: Cobra Gunship mission firing Flechettes (Combat Footage)

  1. Terrence Gilyard says:

    I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior

  2. Mitch Flowers says:

    Darts would be a better description. They go straight through you

  3. drowssapma says:

    Had 2 brothers who served over there. 1 won a Silver Star. Something about his whole squad or platoon were killed and he survived alone for 2 weeks. That's really all I know since he wouldn't talk about it and is now passed away.

  4. Emma Runion says:

    We had 12GA shotshells with smaller versions of these flachettes.Point man on our scout teams would usually carry this to give instant fire suppression in case of an ambush situation in heavy vegetation.I had a little tobacco pouch full of these that I brought back to the world in APR 69.Gave them all away over the years as a reminder of those still there when I came home.

  5. Kilo Yang says:

    I'm gonna go play heliborne now.

  6. Matt Hooper says:

    Hopefully those nails helped rebuild Vietnam after the war.

  7. Ronald Mccarty says:

    Good Video but… The Grammer is Horrendous on the captioning !!!

  8. Southron Jr says:

    A good friend of my father's when I was growing up was in a 155 arty firebase in 68 and 69. I told me a story about when they came under attack. He was ordered to turn the guns around and fire their beehive rounds into their base after they were overrun. After the sun came up and the base had been retaken he went over the base where he had turned his guns on with the beehive the night before and found a VC soldier litterally nailed to a tree about 10 feet off the ground, he had at least 1000 flachettes hit him and pick him up and nailed him to the tree, them flachettes suck in a 12 ga but are a holy terror in big guns.

  9. Southron Jr says:

    It always amazes me, the US government can't figure out how to to gets its perverbial head extricated from its rear but no matter what the situation, they can always kill more efficiently than any other in history. And there are some morons who keep calling to give them control over everything?????

  10. Slyn Smiley says:

    I was in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps in the early 1980’s. The Australian Artillery and Armoured Corps used beehive rounds, but with ball bearings instead of fleshettes. The Aussie philosophy was that to use radio-opaque ( x-ray invisible ) plastic fleshettes was unethical, because a wounded enemy should either have the chance to recover from surgery or just be killed outright. Subjecting the enemy to a long, painful death was considered poor form. That’s why we used to use the 7.62mm SLR as the standard infantry weapon. Sure, it would blow a hole right though you big enough that you could put a beer can in the exit would, but we wanted you dead, not suffering.

    We aren’t cnuts , mate!

  11. Mark Troiani says:

    Back when the media sold guns

  12. Joseph Stokes says:

    Wake up America! The "purpose" of the "red dye" was that it was an anticoagulant to ensure anyone struck would bleed a lot! It was purportedly against the Geneva convention but we Americans have a history of lying and deceiving about such things. I was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and was very often ashamed to be an American, or, for that matter a human being!

  13. Main target should be Jane Fonda sitting in a anti aircraft gun pointed at our brave men.

  14. Ive heard much about bouncing Betties .. they can really wreck your Day .

  15. Pat The Patriot says:

    The fact that they had drones in vietnam makes you think what the hell do they have now

  16. Thumb100!! OURLIFE! says:

    They sure it was the nva!! Wat bout local villager!!

  17. j000ker007 says:

    Killing people in their own country. Glad that could never happen here.

  18. Tom Jones says:

    Great Americans, very brave! 🇺🇸 ☝

  19. Richard Leet says:

    I had a friend who flew a cobra at 100 mph through triple canopy in between the layers. They would take back fire after clearing an objective. He got permission to weld some tubing and installed a 50 mm rear firing gun. It was lethal. They started putting these on all of them

  20. Calvin Graham says:

    Napalm can solve most problems

  21. smithraymond09029 says:

    Bob Villa approves.

  22. jason halil says:

    What a disgusting weapon and napalm too, of course these weapons killed indiscriminately meaning children and babies and elderly people were torn to pieces or burned alive – it beggars belief that any sane human being would be proud of such despicable weapons not to mention the fact they are being used on people defending their country from foreign invaders.

  23. Friday Ray says:

    Thin and full of Venom!!!

  24. I was there in '67-68 and in the bush for the most part and to me these birds are like watching porn. Sleek, erotic and oh so sexy. Illegal? Terrorist? If you were there you wanted to get home and this was another way to insure that you just may. However, LBJ and McNamara were criminally culpable and should have been jailed. The blood of those millions of dead are on there hands.

  25. Timo Aksel says:

    Everything in this video is a war crime: nails, cluster bomb and napalm.

  26. Hammer Thor says:

    I built cbu's in the 80's. Nasty stuff

  27. Kenneth Hedden says:

    Gotta love the south,the yankies hid behind Kennedy and a young Biden.

  28. Kenneth Hedden says:

    Thats our job. Ratatattat. Not robbin neighbors.

  29. Khemsak Jones says:

    StRaNgEsTwEaPoN 😅 idk america.. yall got caught up in Nam with punji traps soooooo…

  30. Anyone else hear the liberal tone in the "reporters" voices? Even Conkrite sounds like he's making the soldiers out to be the bad guys.

  31. Alfred Paquin says:

    Picture a 100 lbs of hamburger tacked to a tree.

  32. Estelle Melodi Mitchell says:

    Damn, those flechettes are really wicked. Those standing in its path are done for.

  33. Tyrone Koumoundouros says:

    Roofing nails with out the head and fluted rear like a dart.

  34. Tyrone Koumoundouros says:

    God bless the Fleshetts

  35. 10,000 within a month. yeah, right. the pavn didnt have that many troops to loose each month. do the math. you kill three every second mission and its now 15K. use flichetts and youre at 30k. 10,000 missions. the pavn wouldve been eliminated inside of three months.

  36. I’m commenting even though I have nothing more to say than what has already been said.

  37. Alan Faulkner says:

    Anyone that runs is vc. Anyone that stands still is well disciplined vc.

  38. David Turk says:

    “Rockets filled with nails.” Actually, they’re more like pointed razor blades.

  39. Airbrush Ken says:

    As an infantryman with the 101st Airborne on the DMZ west of Quản trị , there was nothing like a Cobra (pink team or white team) flying in and helping a small 24 man team of a light inf strike team repel a large NVA Force. I watch from a ridge line the gun ship use a couple of Flechette rounds to take out the entire enemy motor team setting up in the open. They were out of range for our weapons, so we were getting cover when the Cobra gunships ended the battle before it really got started. Hats off to those guys! War and it's weapons are hell. Memories I still carry in my 70's. I've seen NVA on the ground after they were hit with such rounds. We also recon areas after they dropped 500-1000 lbs over night. It looked like the moon. How anyone survived amazed me.

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