Vietnam War – Battle of Khe Sanh – Part 1

The Battle of Khe Sanh – Part 1 of 3

21 thoughts on “Vietnam War – Battle of Khe Sanh – Part 1

  1. Vũ Phong Nguyễn says:


  2. Kangaroo Books says:

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  3. Kangaroo Books says:

    Did anyone mention the snakes?
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  4. Hunterclc6789 says:

    Is A Cú Lừa

  5. Keith Ogden says:

    *american war in Vietnam!

  6. nguyễn ánh thê says:

    Các bạn đến tan phá con nguoi tôi đất nước tôi nhỏ bé nghèo đói thế các bạn có thấy sướng không để cho bao nhiêu người của các bạn cũng như của chúng tôi bây giơ vẫn chưa tim thấy hai cốt vẫn chưa đưa các bác về được với quê hương đất tô o

  7. Dương Nguyễn says:

    I love Việt Nam🇻🇳

  8. Tuyết Sương Phan says:

    That so inresting

  9. Brian Goldy says:

    PFC. USMC. Paul Allard…Door Gunner…..KIA…..1969……..RIP……….Buddy,

  10. bruce lee says:

    I'm viewing this due to interest in historical record after being enthralled by the incredible interview with Allen B. White of the 3rd Battalion who recounted the "Battle Of the Hills" April 1967…… shamefully it doesn't even rate a mention in this documentary!!

  11. bruce lee says:

    No wonder the brave but uninformed US forces got cut up there…. despite being a good map reader I found it difficult to understand the officer's tutorial on the relief model. Clear as mud! David Hackworth had every right to "sound off" on the poor military leadership and insane political decisions!

  12. Miguel Parada says:

    Tranquilos , muchachos , en el cine ,ustedes siempre ganan.- (En el cine).-


    Hambugha hiu

  14. Ramony Lee says:

    These suicidal VCongs simply refused to go back to part of China where they were ousted/casted aside for centuries, ended up encroaching on the Khmer Empire land; the poor Khmer, with its own repeated religious/political turmoil, had to defend itself against the encroachers from the Thai, the Lao, etc!

  15. hai khong says:

    Mỹ ngụy lại thua cộng sản bắc viết …?

  16. I come from Vn and I think its unfaith for the words the American win all the battles but lost the war, it is the way the A Merican explain for themself. let say the Amrican always said the way to dertemine who will the battle is body count, but you see the Ame had thousands of air plane, helicopter, tanks, artilery … the Nva and Vc had mostly only ak47, prg2, prg7 … only sometimes they had artileries as in Khesanh so that the Vn must stand more casuaties ( if not helicopter, tank airplane artilery for what?), event one person in a vnwar film said a helicopter were equal to 1000 soldiers but the vn troops shoot down more than 5000 helicoters and thousands fixed airplane. The one thing that I were so admired from the America were the the medical supplies, it were so efficent and effive that if not 100k wounded american troops ( amount 300k wounded in action) became the dead on actions

  17. Greentumb Kollos says:

    The horror…….

  18. Jacob Ramirez says:

    The Marines' mission priority was to get to Hue City, But they all stayed behind to defend Khe Sanh.

    But they knew Khe Sanh needed their help. 👍

  19. Mấy thằng mỹ bị mắc lừa việt nam trận khe sanh

  20. Lucas Morphy says:

    Fuck happiest, grateful for us marine

  21. rene domingo Godinez says:

    No eran soldados vietnam Eran un millon de chinos comunisras disfrasados nunca se ivan acabar.

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