Vietnam War: Battle for "Hill 943" Part 2 (Combat Footage)

A uninhabited, nameless hill. Only called “Hill 943” because of its hight. Soldiers were given the orders to take it. Then abandon it. Only to have to retake it again.

29 thoughts on “Vietnam War: Battle for "Hill 943" Part 2 (Combat Footage)

  1. b B Smith says:

    U aim the camera at what u want people to see

  2. b B Smith says:

    Where r all the black soldiers only one ??????

  3. rob mitch says:

    You cut this from a longer piece, whats the longer piece, you are thief

  4. อาคม มากบุญ says:


  5. อาคม มากบุญ says:


  6. adrian popov says:

    all that hardware and men power and americans lost war to sharp bamboo sticks . now its 2020 and america still didn t won one war .

  7. waitwhat720 says:

    Welcome home gents

  8. Silverhorse1970 says:

    the guy who got hit by the tree seems like he is a good actor and trying to get out of work detail.

  9. Brave men. God bless them.

  10. mark shaw says:

    America can not beat the commies, ha ha. Ragtag commies beat the Americans, ha ha.

  11. William Orr says:

    There in the tunnels, your in their backyard

  12. This war was ultimately about protecting French investments, particularly in rubber trees for Michelin Rubber Co.

  13. The best time to see when they are dead…nice quote

  14. jrjohnryanjr says:

    These soldiers fought a war that should never have been fought
    Just like today’s misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan


    That wud be scary i talked to a Vietnam vet once he said you know those Hollywood movies you see about Vietnam and those big firefights you see in the jungle i was in mny of those and had guys right beside me dropping dead respect

  16. rona mulligan says:

    I love this close up footage of the airstrikes and soldiers in hiding beneath. It would be great in HD

  17. SHARK BITE says:

    Where’s the rest of this?

  18. Carolina QUANONNE says:

    Selling bull shit seeking communist jungle punk kids weapon economic USA dollar rate

  19. Mark Moton says:

    They use those boys out for bait. They didn’t have a chance and they should have came with another plan

  20. Foxtrot Gutierrez says:

    Same area my pop was at 68 to 70. Pulling security for the 101 but his div was. The big red one. 2nd and 28th black lions Lrrps…🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Alan Peters says:

    Real men right there, not your hippie soy-boys of today that would shit themselves in a situation remotely like this.

  22. Massimo b says:

    Just when you thought you had a bad day. These guys are the best soldiers ever. That war truly made boys turn to men very fast. It wasn’t fair but they did what was asked of them. All around the world we salute you!!

  23. BrokenStreetLight says:


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