Vietnam War: Battle for "Hill 943" Part 1 (Combat Footage)

A uninhabited, nameless hill. Only called “Hill 943” because of its hight. Soldiers were given the orders to take it. Then abandon it. Only to have to retake it again.

31 thoughts on “Vietnam War: Battle for "Hill 943" Part 1 (Combat Footage)

  1. Ivo Wilson says:

    Who's watching this 30th of November, the day the footage starts?

  2. Charlie Bridges says:

    So sad on all those young men with no access to Facebook or Youtube

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  16. No war Is organic, it's planed by the power elite. Do you think all this is to defend America from some type of invasion. Many of the soilders that died where poor and uneducated. The poor destroying the poor. They died with valor so you can be free think about that these poor peasents that had to arm them selves many times with the weapons of the dead opposing force. Something is attached to humanity, and it entirely human just my personal belief and we are sheep being lead to the slaughter.

  17. Ronald Mingus says:

    My heart goes out to those fine young men. I spent 7 years in the Army during that time, but was assigned stateside due to my m.o.s. Those young men AND some women were sent into a winless situation.

  18. The year in Vietnam was hell on a lot of people. My wife's grandfather spent a year rescuing downed airmen as part of a helicopter crew. 278 missions in one year. Took him until 2019 to even tell anyone in the family what he did over there and when asked if he was ever shot at all he said was he was never hit.

  19. Vietnam war is a great business opportunity for US defense companies although 58000 Americans were killed. During Vietnam war , US government has many opportunity to achieve peace but US government refused to make peace with tiny country of Vietnam and tried to prolong the war until congress cut off funding

  20. robert jackson says:

    Bob Jackson. Marine. Vietnam, 1967-68. 2nd battalion 12th marines.
    You know, I remember my father,( Army vet, 1st lt. Italy, WWII), said to me at my Paris island graduation, "my god, you guys are just kids." Well, I guess we were. Just 18 and 19 or so. My dad had been in Italy at age 23 or 24. It took so long in those days, with training and travel by ship just to get to the fighting. I calculated from his army service records that he spent less time in actual combat, than I did in my 13 months in Vietnam. (Con Thien, Khe Sahn, wounded twice). Nothing against my dad. As he said, "all service is honorable." But it hurts just bit that he never recognized the full meaning of my sacrifice in this war.

  21. Vietnam war was amazing. Air support made 8 men into a force capable of taking on thousands of enemy soldiers and this happened frequently.

  22. Joseph Bragg says:

    My brother turned 21in Nam3 rd Marine batallion Dang Airbase.

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