Vietnam War, American Combat Footage

Be sure to see my latest Vietnam film; footage of one of the last Army combat patrols, heading out into the bush in S. Vietnam, in May of 1972.

About this footage:
8mm film footage, shot by Cobra gunship pilot, from Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, 1968. This pilot was shot down (the first time) 12 minutes into his first mission in VN, while flying a Huey Gunship. The pilot later was awarded America’s second highest medal for valor. Video of the medal presentation is at the end of the film.

26 thoughts on “Vietnam War, American Combat Footage

  1. AH-1. A friend piloted this. Shot down. Lost his gunner in the crash. Barely rescued. Lifelong operations for back injuries. I salute them all. Myself .. ngfs near dmz near the end.

  2. Brian Wilson says:

    Great footage God Bless You thank you!!

  3. dominic norton says:

    67-68. My Dad was there, not exactly where this was filmed. I wish I could remember where and with what unit. Know it was 67-68 because I was born in March of 1969, give conception give or take home around April to June 1968. Lost him in 2001, heart issues complicated by agent orange exposure. The shit you men went through was beyond anything my era dealt with…As far as we know NOW.

  4. Dennis Rhoads says:

    Awesome!!! All you guy's and girl's that served are my true HEROS. May God Bless you all!!!!

  5. Nader Gamming says:

    Where's all the people lying about being in Vietnam

  6. 1murder99 says:

    In June 1969 I had just come out of the field with an infantry company. I was working as a fire direction officer with B battery 1/14 field artillery. We had our guns set up West of Tam Ky. A brigade of the 101st Airborne and the 196 Light Infantry Brigade were trying to take a mountain called Chop Vum. It was a mountain with a thick granite cap that could not be damaged by bombs or conventional artillery. We fired some 16 inch naval gun fire from the New Jersey. It was a hell of a fight. During that fight Cobra gunships were hitting the mountain during all the day light hours. One afternoon a Cobra was coming in very fast and it put down on the runway at full speed. The runners were blazing when it came to a halt. An ambulance ran out to it with the helicopter engine running at full speed. The pilot was already dead and the gunner was very badly shot up. This made a large impression on me even though I had seen lots of people killed and killed a large number of them myself.

  7. Caner Guener says:

    Great channel. Subscribe and share!

  8. Great video. Horrible music.

  9. David Ballard says:

    All we are say is give war a chance

  10. tootired76 says:

    You ruined this with the shit-ass music!!

  11. SlightlyOverusedMeme says:

    What the fuck is this gay ass music?

  12. john brown says:

    i worked with theses guys in the 70`s .7th air cav,i was brit army not aac we were an independent arm of the royal armoured corps ,known as 16/5l air sqn,we went to a base in germany at budinguien ,near frankfurt ,it was interesting as we were recce not gunships,we learnt a lot from each other,and met them many times in the field,co-op means a lot,in war.

  13. Golden Manuever says:

    My dad remembers these rippin' the shit out of Highway #1 during Tet.

  14. BigWater59 says:

    Nothing ruins combat video like shitty music..

  15. Rodney Hayes says:

    One of my lifelong friends flew a couple of varieties of the Cobra in Viet Nam during the war that wasn't a war.  Talking to him recently about those times he said that he always hated having to land with ammo still on board.  If he didn't find the enemy on his op area then he knew where he could find some.  He was shot out of the sky on two different occasions also.

  16. michael white says:

    People killing people for a set of ideas.. Like the church killing people in the dark ages for not converting.. I guess even in modern times we're still ruthless children.. With nukes

  17. Asteris Giotas says:

    Excellent tribute to U.S.A army in Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. George Trimm says:

    is this public domain? great footage

  19. Theicemanleaveth says:

    It really bothers me that half of the comments on videos about wars are just people spewing hate on a subject they know so little about

  20. jon scott says:

    Were you there when Evans and Long bought it. Apr/May 71

  21. Ricky Rocket says:

    I was with B troop 7/17th at camp holloway in 69-71 We flew a lot wit the A4's. We did help 4th Inf some but the A4s were with the Air Force at Pleiku air base

  22. Ricky Rocket says:

    I was Undertaker 24 with B troop 7/17th air cav. 22 months as a Cobra pilot
    Rick Schrandt CW-02

  23. TIM NGUYEN says:

    In 1971 "Hanoi" John Kerry gave false testimony about U.S. soldiers in Viet Nam and single-handedly did more harm to our POWs and returning veterans than any other person in the history of the U.S. He referred to American troops serving honorably in Iraq and Afghanistan as terrorists. It is an insult to every member of our armed forces and every American veteran to have John Kerry as Secretary of State.

  24. ExperienceCounts2 says:

    You might want to revisit your history books. It started with the French in 1958. You also might want to read McNamara's own words. Even he admitted the "domino theory" was 100% wrong.He admitted they knew you guys were fucked nearly a full year before they ran and that they continued the war for purely political reasons. The president, his staff and top brass in all branches of the military knew it was a pure waste of human life (on all sides) None of them resigned or blew the whistle.

  25. SK0ALBAND1T says:

    My father flew in Vietnam..Ted Matyjasik….he retired as a CW4 back in the 90's. He retired flying the AH-1 platform…I have much respect for army pilots!!

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