Vietnam War Aircraft Bombings

A quick video I put together that shows off old bombing run footage from the the Vietnam War and some Huey action. I do not take credit for different footage used in this video . The song is not mine and is from Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

23 thoughts on “Vietnam War Aircraft Bombings

  1. Lorenzo Camacho says:

    Man those air strikes were devestaing and just decimated everything, my dad was a LT door gunner in the Marines during Vietnam, he didn't tell me awhole lot but showed me mission reports and when I read them it seemed pretty frightening.

  2. Luis Monterrosa says:

    How could you lose against rice farmers with that overwhelming superiority of yours? Forest, rivers, little houses… everything was bombed and contaminated.

  3. paroutdiok says:

    The vietnamese came down to the Rivers where their rice was planted to harvest their crops. They had rice teams- unarmed- or very low arms – that would run each May and collect Rice so they could feed the rest of the year.

    Many of these bombings that seemingly aim for nothing but the woods, are aiming at these teams who are hiding under the trees and rushing back to bases to return the food.

    There's an excellent book by Orianna Fallaci where she describes an aerial attack in which she is aboard the plane. She points out before the attack, how could one possibly feel good after bombarding helpless people from a distance?

    After the attack, having risked her life with dangerous maneuvres and receiving fire from Vietnamese warriors, she recalls thinking "Please kill them, please kill them i don't wanna die"

    That's what war does to even the most Philanthropic and peaceful soul.

  4. Arcan's Mess says:

    How to destroy a forest | Tutorial Easy (and expensive but shh)

  5. Madison Hang says:

    if you ever played the video game raiden
    its an aerial shooter bomber game
    this footage reminds me of that game, unfortunately

  6. SurfingBullDog says:

    Cool song but it was released in 1979. Doesn’t really fit with this footage

  7. Generic Wehraboo says:

    He just flies the bomber, he never sees their eyes when the hell comes down…

  8. Spiny Norman 88 says:

    "The song is not mine"…….well, you should have left it with the owner.

  9. Celtic uprise says:

    Only the brainwashed the immature and the dumb can find satisfaction in murder. ?

  10. subar24601 says:

    was there anyone who said enough early on of the bombing?

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