Vietnam War 9th Infantry Mobile Riverine Force Footage


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  1. James Oliver says:

    It was a huge mistake to enter another country and do harm to their pets, livestock, property or , and Especially the People . . I was so slow and fully brainwashed to believe that we were helping them. Each and every country has its citizens , its own "Old Growth" and the land is a gift from God. Let them live in peace in it . All our efforts did was to create more willing Viet Cong and NVA . We recruited them for Ho Chi Minh. I deserved the PTSD I have had to live with since 1967-68-69. Now in 2020..I understand and appreciate people better. I loved the guys I served with on "The Mekong Mama " T152-8 1968-69. No disrespect to anyone who went and served there. It is behind us . We went there .We Learned ,We moved on . Been back 2xs . Just loved being there in my non-status tourist way. Awesome people in Vietnam. Loved them, apologized and came home.

  2. Daramies Paddio says:

    Mossialina Campaign (Mossialina Hospital Heritage Capital

  3. Allen Ennis says:

    Great footage. Thanks for posting. I was a 50 cal machine gunner on T112-4 '68-'69. Those are some boats from our division at the beginning. Each division was about 12 Tango boats, a Monitor (with the 40 mm gun), and what we called a Zippo (port and starboard flamethrowers) and some Alpha boats. That's not a firefight you see there but just some gunners shooting into a "free fire zone" where no civilians were supposed to be. If you look closely at the "bar armor" on the Tangos you'll see dozens of cartons of C rations. That's mostly what we ate over there. We also traded them for other stuff like beer, ice and whiskey but don't tell anyone.

  4. Patrick MacFadden says:

    Anybody know Sgt Wanner, he was with 9th, was wounded while patrolling in one of these.

  5. Eddie Simms says:

    Any news footage of the 9th Infantry patrolling the muddy waters of the delta I love, because that's my Dad's outfit. He arrived incountry in March of 1968 and was assigned to B Co 3rd BN 47th Infantry. In May 1972 the 9th Infantry division was reactivated at FT Lewis Wa, upon completing my training I was assigned to HHC 2nd BN 39TH Infantry. Thank you to ALL my Brothers in arms who served with the 9th, known as the "Old Reliables" God Bless you all !!

  6. David Martinez says:

    My father served in the 9th in Vietnam '67-'69, Sgt. Julio Cesar Martinez Malave (Heavy Machine Gunner) from Cayey, Puerto Rico and NY. Anyboy got any hits on him?

  7. My dad was on T-91-7. At the time he was EN3 Brown. He retired as a master chief.

  8. RodCleaves says:

    Does anyone remember a "Cleaves, Richard L. ?" My brother was on one of these boats during late 1968 and most of 1969. All I know is that he was in the 9th (of course) but don't know his company affiliation.

  9. My brother David A Land was Kia T-115-5. January 1969.

  10. Tracy Lemme says:

    I towed artillary barges foe 3rd 64th. 5/68 to 5/69 with 1097 trans co. Out of Dong Tam.

  11. Rick Flores says:

    I was in Vietnam in 1967. I was on a monitor, M-91-1. I manned a .50 caliber machine gun turret. Worked out of Dong Tam.

  12. Dirty Hobo says:

    571st Eng, 3rd Bge, 9th Inf — Tan An — 69/70

  13. Dennis Fair says:

    What unit is this. I was there in 1968-69 Charlie company 4/47

  14. Allen Kinchen says:

    I served on the YRBM-17 in Dong Tam for a year . We repaired and overhauled those Army Boats for those Army Sailors ,, Had a lot of fun with the 9th Infantry People ,, Thank You for being such good Soldiers ,, The Woodlands Tx.

  15. Cactus Tz says:

    Chẳng Hiểu Cái Gì

  16. Shakenbake 68-69 says:

    I worked off these boats 7/68-9/68. We called them Tango Boats. I was assigned to T-1XX-8. It may have been 112, not sure. I have pictures that say on back, Tango 8. We worked of the USS Mercer at this time. I was A company, 4th/39th, 9th Infantry Division. I have much respect for the Navy crew that manned these T boats. They took us into the boonies and dropped us off in some hell hole then returned to the Mercer alone. Did the same when they came and got us out of the boonies. The rivers and canals made the T boats a sitting duck. We usually had a Monitor in the front and one in the rear of our convoy. Proud to have seved with the Brown Water Navy. One of the mail clerks in the USS Mercer's mail room stole a diamond and opal ring I bought in the ships store for my Sister. I even give them money to insure it. We were leaving on a mission and I left in a hurry. When I returned they couldn't locate the insurance slip. Then later I learned my Sister never got the ring. I boarded the Mercer sometime later while in Dongtam. I let them know what pieces of shit they were. Just like the Army REMF's , they were nothing like the men who rode up in down the rivers and canals. The mailroom boys never left the safety of the ship.

  17. Charles Davis says:

    Served aboard ATC 152-2 and M 152-1 from 1968 to 1969. I was a Gunners Mate on them.

  18. Thomas NE7X says:

    Thanks for posting.
    US Army, Vietnam, 9th Inf Div, Dong Tam, Tan An & FSB Moore, 1967/1968

  19. Larry Reid says:

    I was platoon RTO for 3rd platoon, Co E, 4/47th Bn, 2nd Bde, 9th Inf Div 1968-69.

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