Vietnam Report: Operations at Khe Sanh (Sound, HD)

In this remarkably high quality video status report, Marine artillery and close air support are seen preparing hills 861, 881n and 881s in Vietnam for assault. Taken in either April or May 1967 as part of the First Battle of Khe Sanh, narration provides overview of the twelve days of combat involved in capturing and controlling these strategic points. Additional footage in this piece shows Marines loading up at Phu Bai.

19 thoughts on “Vietnam Report: Operations at Khe Sanh (Sound, HD)

  1. William Mears says:

    I was on Hill 950 across the river. A Vietnam Vet.

  2. อาคม มากบุญ says:

    Thank​ you

  3. อาคม มากบุญ says:


  4. อาคม มากบุญ says:


  5. อาคม มากบุญ says:


  6. Bọn mỹ bị mắc lừa việt nam trận khe sanh

  7. milcoll73 says:

    you can tell theyre marines immediately by the black, inner tube bands on their helmets. for whatever reason the marine corps didnt issue the od elastic bands that the army did. so enterprising leathernecks would liberate inner tubes and cut their own.
    also interesting is the early usage of ERDL covers which werent generally issued until 1969, and were rarely seen in country in vietnam.

  8. How to make people soup: Take 3 or 4 fresh VC and place in rice paddy. Fire large artillery shell at the paddy making a 3-4 foot deep hole. Voila! People Soup…

  9. J Vitamini Bağımlısı says:

    america lost 52.000 soldier in 7 years
    Turkey lost 8.000 soldier in 30 years.

  10. haluk türker says:

    Noldu abd ibişleri küçük siklerin tadı nasıldı,birde kalkmış dünya deviyim diyorsun boş yapıyorsun isilah arkasında cesaret ister varmı sizde.

  11. 3/4 MARINES , LIMA CO , DMZ, 66-68 , ,,,,, CON THIEN , KHE SANH , ROCK PILE , MUDDER'S RIDGE ,,,,BADMOJO ,,,,," FUBAR ",,,,,

  12. Son Tung Le says:

    Those Marine and Infantry operate 105mm M2A1 and 175mm M107 are lucky not to get hammer by the 122mm D-74 and 130mm M-46.

  13. Laurel Faulk says:

    my brother was there, Marines

  14. Hi, I'm a Collector of all kind of material of War throughout XX century, I have a plenty of audio recordings, photos, and films, of course the Vietnam War. Where did you get this Outstanding material?

    Many thanks for share this Invaluable Piece, and I'm waiting for your answer.

  15. Julian Kalama says:

    I was there, 1967-68 April 10th. Good to see some footage. Thanks.

  16. Barbara Mallo says:

    punch them in Joe

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