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This color silent film features raw Vietnam War footage. This was shot on November 3, 1967 in country. On that particular day, the Battle of Dak To began about 280 miles north of Saigon and near South Vietnam’s border with Cambodia. General William Westmoreland ordered the U.S. 173rd Airborne Brigade, and divisions of the 4th Infantry and the 1st Cavalry to reinforce the 1,000 Americans already based at the camp. It’s possible this film shows some of that move.

Opening: Group of United States Army Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters land at a base (:08). Helicopters in a row on the tarmac (:23). A Huey’s side door is opened and G.I.s get ready to board (:42). Helicopter rotor starts to spin (1:24). Hueys are ready for liftoff (1:49). Pilot is ready to fly (2:05). Helicopter pilot at work (2:18). Hueys are ready to go (2:39). A hand holds a Kodak film box as a slate — reads 3 November 1967 (3:08). Airborne Hueys (3:19). Helicopters head towards their destination (3:41). Soldiers inside the chopper hold their rifles (4:23). POV through the windshield of the helicopter (4:39). Hueys come in low for a landing on heavy, thick grass (5:15). Soldiers on the move in Vietnam (5:30). Helicopters land in a field marked with green smoke (5:54). Helicopters fly overhead; some take off (6:16). A hand holds a film box that reads 3 November 1967, cameraman’s name is Kalsey (6:51). APCs, probably M113 APC/ACAV, comes down a road (7:01). A bunch of APCs for the U.S. (7:53). An APC cuts through some high brush (8:10). Soldiers rest on APCs (8:32). Soldiers stand near a howitzer, they then move it around (8:38). Soldiers in a moving jeep (9:20). A soldier climbs onto the roof of a truck that appears to be equipped with some kind of odd looking antenna (9:59). Slate / film box that reads 3 November 1967 (10:24). A military bulldozer moves some earth (10:37). Truck wheels (10:56). Army sergeant driving a jeep (11:13). A soldier carries a box (11:26). A bulldozer on the move through mud (11:33). Soldiers on a tank (11:51). A bulldozer moves dirt (12:03). A truck moves slowly (12:35). Jeep in the mud (12:51). Machine grinds up earth and rock (13:07). A soldier moves boxes of cement, tosses one onto the ground (13:24). An African American soldier (13:38).

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