Aerials of countryside from helicopter. Tanks moving across fields. Aerials from helicopters – Rocket strafing – explosions etc. Jets bombing with fire bombs. Transport plane – equipment being unloaded. General shots of patrol thru countryside with tanks as cover. Bomb disposal unit at work. Ground shots of explosions – oxen ploughing – rice fields – workers in paddy field – reaping time general scenes. Feeding livestock – chickens – pigs etc. Army parade – General scenes. Vietnamese youths joining the army – medicals – training etc. Patrol thru countryside – dead on ground – captured of Viet-cong. Large guns firing – explosions. Aerials over villages – Red Cross centre – General shots of children crying. Building activity – houses – boatyard etc. Patrol boat on river. Various shots of hovercraft being used by troops to patrol river and swamps. Nighyt shgots of guns Firing – v. good. Planes attack – strafing. Good shots of bombs falling in slow motion from plane – Ground explosions – very good. Mortars firing – tanks firing – helicopters land and troops jump out. Wounded GI being evacuated by helicopter. Various patrols through jungle.This compilation has been made up from various 16mm shipments.

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