Vietnam Combat footage

how the vietnam combat cameraman captured the war

25 thoughts on “Vietnam Combat footage

  1. El Chico d la Moto Reyna says:

    Eso que estáis viendo son personas matándose , me parece de mal gusto las kiadas de " me gusta el olor de napaln por la mañana " como se no ta que no a tenido que disparar a alguien, a la vez que están con todos tus sentidos a1000 porque no quieres que te mate algún hijo d p…a . Una cosa es llamar al diablo y otra verlo llegar . Respect.

  2. no good what u all american doing, u kill wrong person like kill animal. huu huu. its coward and shame. vitnam and iraq ore other countri its not your land.

  3. CombattRogue says:

    there is no honer on any of ur actions… nationalism is a fake shit to control people will and go murder our human brothers… if u dont still brain washed then admit it so the people awake..

  4. Karmic Juggernaut says:

    thank you for your service and your honesty. and thank you for kicking the private for killing the poor dog 😉 Im sorry you ever had to be sent to Iraq. glad you are home finally

  5. What war really means, now I know a bit more. Heart felt gratitude for those killed, maimed, hurt, suffered, disabled for their sacrifices to bring us a better world. Well, at least up to now!

  6. Samuel Lust says:

    North Vietnam won the war but the U.S. didn't lose we pulled out to let the South Vietnamese fight their own war

  7. I have no doubt your perfect world would include any genocide as long as it benifited you.

  8. And please don't forget to tell your students to look up "Vietnam war casualties" to compare the results of what happened. In particular 'Civilian casualties'. I know the US is not even listed as a major contributor of civilian casualties, however I did read Rummels report. (Its credible). I think it will add some weight as to what twisting of facts and fiction do. Bring the role of the media into the discussion as well. They ignored most of what was happening in order to play to the home front.

  9. No doubt, and the stupid protested and often broke the law while those who served did the right thing. You can't justify cowards who ran with the near genocide the communists caused in Vietnam as being 'moral'.

  10. How about two million innocent civilians murdered because of your hero draft dodgers. I wouldn't call that 'nothing'.

  11. No doubt, any one who would have disagreed was murdered years ago.

  12. US lose, 2,000,000 (Thats two Million) innocent civilians murdered. Not PERFECT for them.

  13. elaine Peavey says:

    My dear older brother did a tour in Nam1967/68. I wrote him almost every day he was in that pig shit of a place,and cried at night praying he'd come home alive. He did get home unwounded, but by NO MEANS unskaithed.Thankyou men for 'having his back' while in Nam. NO words seem to be adequate enough to thank every one of you vets for keeping us the land of the free, and home of the brave. I may not know your name,what you look like,or what your voice sounds like…but I love every one of you!!!

  14. Donny Reece says:

    I have a feeling you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about, British MI6 agents did find WMDs in Iraq in 2001, we didnt invade untill 2003, That is more then enough time to move and dismantle weapons, and i guess saddam never used chemical agents against the kurds i guess that was made up. and 911 was an inside job lol grow the fuck up, and i assume you were never in the military.

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