Vietnam combat footage taken by soldiers, not media by WolfieRed1 !

Outtakes from documentary Vietnam: Service, Sacrifice and Courage which premiered 11-7-2010 so it is chopped up at times. Just footage taken by John Wolf “WolfieRed1”, Rick Gardner and Russ Lee with personal 8mm cameras. Rick Gardner and I getting together for the first time before the Premier with guys he served with that lived near Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Watch the 3 part documentary of very rare personal movies taken during actual combat situations converted to High Definition. This footage was also used in History Channel’s “Vietnam in HD” documentary.

This is not a political statement only a tribute to men who gave their lives, please keep politics out and honor those that served, especially those that paid the ultimate price. WolfieRed1

49 thoughts on “Vietnam combat footage taken by soldiers, not media by WolfieRed1 !

  1. Anthony Aristo says:

    Video is jumpy. Nonetheless very informative. Thank you for your service John and your crew! God Bless you guys!

  2. pathfinderdaddy says:

    Welcome Home Wolfie!
    You have brought closure to so many that were waiting for something anything to fill an empty space in their soul. God bless you.
    You will not be forgotten.

  3. sean miller says:

    Any of you guys run into Dick Blumenthal career Sen. from Connecticut.
    Oh right he never made it overseas. Lots of deferments. Made rank on time
    Too. I just remembered, Dicky misspoke about being a Vietnam soldier.
    Typical Snowflake.
    Thanks guys, good job. I’m also a veteran. Cold War vet. Nothing special
    like you guys. Never saw action. I rode submarines.

  4. JOONGTAEK LEE says:


  5. Big Thunder says:

    I drove a m113 armored personal carrier beats walking and they float in water

  6. Raul Martinez says:

    My Uncle PFC Juan Jose Gonzalez is in this video . Killed in action On June 15, 1967, the unit went on patrol in their armored vehicles. As they returned, the vehicle in which Juan was riding was exploded by what would today be called an IED, or Improvised Explosive Device near LZ Liz, near the village of Duc Pho. All nine soldiers on board “Track 19” were killed instantly, including Juan. He was 19 years old.

  7. Mbuso Nkabinde says:

    Where there all all black, Asian, native American and other minority groups veterans. Did they all died in the war?

  8. AKA "Mingo " 2/17 Air Cav 60 gunner 70-72 here. I'm glad to see our story getting out.

  9. Mika30041975 says:

    Thank you for your sacrifies. A Hi from a son of a south vn soldier.

  10. Is it true only 1 out of every 18 servicemen saw combat in Vietnam? No wonder the grunts ended up fragging? Also I read that all the REMF would take all the jungle fatigues and the lads at the front had to make do with what they had!! Another story said that all the best rations would be raided in the rear and the grunts would end up with the shit!! Watch THE QUIET MUTINY by JOHN PILGER (1970). My brother was a British soldier and was in the first Gulf war and met a lot of Yanks, 3 came over to his wedding, really good lads! One of them said all the British were thieving bastards!! In my country we let shit in (immigrants) and give them free money, homes, warmth whilst our servicemen have shit radios, have to buy their own boots and steal equipment from our Yank allies, it is disgraceful. RIP to all the brave lads who fell defending their mates in contact…..Lest We Forget

  11. Ethan Van Gent says:

    To all the veterans reading this, thank you all for your service! I have the utmost respect for all veterans. I cannot possibly imagine what you all went through, and I hope and pray that I will never have to experience it.

  12. "Service Sacrifice and Courage"

    Nothing about Morals , naturally .

    The "welcome home" was a photo-op / propaganda that Im SURE the 40 odd veterans loved . But is just a cynical piece of manipulation to make the Pentagon appear that it gives a FUCK about their veterans .

    It would not have even happened if there wasnt nationwide coverage of it .
    You cant clean up the most VICIOUS Foreign Policy since 1945 , by holding a little ceremony for old men .

    THEY HAD to PAYYY for their OWN Memorial to their dead . 58,000

    There wouldnt be one big enough for the 4 million Viets dead

  13. Ralph Sanchico says:

    I missed Nam by a few years, and the closest I have ever come to it was through my Drill Sgts and my first pastor who was in the 82nd. When they described what happened over there and their own personal experiences it was like we were there with them. It went through us like a knife through hot butter. These DI's were no Joke. They drilled us as if we were going over there! I have nothing but the highest admiration for them, doing a job that unfortunately was never appreciated by those who's only contribution to society was marching in protest high on weed. Then they become the policy makers years later at the cost of our dead brave men in those God forsaken Rice paddies and jungles! Thank you sir for your service!

  14. marie chianca says:

    Thank you for your dedication and service. Never forget

  15. Abominatrix X says:

    John, thank you for your service and thank you for these videos. My father served with the 1st/5th mechanized, 25th infantry division, and I am proud to be the daughter of a Vietnam veteran. I have nothing but love for everyone that served, and I understand the madness and bullshit you all lived through, as best I can (having never seen combat myself).

    I'm sorry you have to deal with the internet trolls, they clearly have no idea what they're talking about. Those of us who have lived with veterans and loved them know that the grunts weren't about politics or right and wrong, they were about surviving and getting home (to be spit on and cast aside by assholes who had no understanding of any of it).

    I cannot say thank you enough. Many blessings to you, and to all who served in Vietnam, especially combat veterans. Thank you all for your sacrifice.

  16. david thomas says:

    45000 die in civilian gun deaths every year under the principals of the continental army.
    My grandfather joined the American merchant navy in the pacific in 1939.
    212 percent casualties.
    Put the effing guns down. Let the NRA play with me.
    Sydney Australia.

  17. john moore says:

    I was in the 2/1 CAV KONTUM during TET, and later was with the 1/4 CAV, NO tankers ever got/get a CIB. Did you ever receive orders…

  18. Tim Hanson says:

    when the hell did we "Retreat"?? we won every battle, everyday .. the government chose to leave our gear for the ARVN to take over, to appease the American public … with all the restrictions put on the U.S. servicemen by washington it was a joke … if we took the "leash" off the dog over there we could have paved that whole country !! a "retreating" country dont land a C-130 in the capital of the enemy and pick up their POW's .. we were told to pull out ..

  19. I was USAF'70-'74;Thailand'73-'74;worked on B-52s&KC-135s;If US involvement in SEA was a mistake – & it was – then why turn those who fought for a mistake into heroes and criticize those who saw the mistake and didn't fight.It sounds like you're saying that being blindly obedient is a virtue.Take note:the US lives and blood shed in SEA did nothing to protect our freedoms here in the States.

    Thanks to your dad for his service.I hope he made it home unharmed.

  20. Jackson Howard says:

    My father was a company radioman in Vietnam from 68'-69'. He fought for his country while cowards like brucetheparish hid behind school or his mommy and daddy's money. Maybe America should not have gotten their selves involved in such a senseless war, but we all need to have the upmost respect for the men who served and died for our freedoms that we take for granted.

  21. Rob Blute says:

    Although not a fan of politicians, well hell I hate them and think their mostly scum, but all these young guys at the time went some place that I have to say I'm personally glad that I did not, I was born in 65, but even today I have great respect and gratitude for what they did, political bullcrap aside, these kids went into hell and a lot of them gave their lives. I look at any person who wears the uniform of a US soldier as fighting for me, politicians can go to hell for getting them killed.

  22. brucetheparishiltonf says:

    Well, I did what I was ordered to do by my draft board, Clinton left the country, that's the distinction. Call me all the names you want. We're about to get into another "Viet Nam", over in Syria, for what? Apparently you were too traumatized by the war to have learned anything from it.

  23. Dan Stone says:

    For someone who was afraid of the conflict when it happened, you're sure eager to find some conflict in a youtube comment section while you sit safely behind you're keyboard. You're a loser troll, I count at least 4 posts from you spanning a month or more. Get a life you dropout reject, you were a coward then and a coward now.

  24. brucetheparishiltonf says:

    That war tramatized our nation. I remember punk dictators saying "we'll give you what you got in Viet Nam".

  25. brucetheparishiltonf says:

    How would America be better off today had LBJ or Nixon bombed the hell out of Hanoi? Had we done so, we would have had to rebuild, and chances are we would have still lost the war eventually, only it would have lasted longer and we'd have even more dead.

  26. robbo comeaux says:

    USAF Sergeant Nha Trang AB RVN 1968-69…..20th Helicopter Squadron….

  27. John Wolf says:

    Thanks for the data, I think there were lies about many things for political purposes. The one thing we do know is 58,000 Americans lost their lives and thats a fact cast in Granite at the Wall. Thanks for posting, Wolfie

  28. brucetheparishiltonf says:

    I believe my country was better served by those of us who caused the war to end, as well as the draft. I'm not bashing anyone, those who went did so because they believed that's what they should do. Is America better off because they went, fought, died, and killed the enemy? If you believe America is better off, please explain how America is better off with 58,000 names on the wall. What have we learned from that war?

  29. MrBrownstone says:

    brucetheparishilton, sounds like the usual person in the US who has had little to any contact with the military. my dad is a retired SFC(2 combat tours with 11ACR, in III corps)my mom is a Vietnam era Vet.,she was active duty at Ft. Sam Houston during the war, my uncle Dewy saw combat in the Delta in IV corps(brown water Navy) my aunt Marge is an Army Vet.,my aunt Cindy is an Army Vet., my aunt Rose is an Army Vet., both my grandads were in WW2,
    Protest the war. DO NOT protest the warrior

  30. E. G. Flores says:

    Hey Bruce, You were a Coward just like Clinton and now you knock us who served our Country? Please just shut the hell up. You don't know what your talking about. You were not there you Coward! Don't take it out on the American Soldier, take it out on President Johnson and Nixon for not bombing the hell out of Hanoi.

  31. moon blue says:

    My dad was there and so was my uncle,and now my son is military.I grew up knowing the men and women that served in Vietnam,and all I can say that war is tramatizing to everyone that is involved.Love to all!!!

  32. James Light says:

    John, can this documentary be bought anywhere? I'd appreciate any links you may know. Looks like a fascinating insight into the war from the people that fought it.

  33. Thadeus McNalty says:

    Soldiers are merely the hirelings of International Capitalism. i got respect for Bruce because he actually thought about the war while the rest just followed like sheep.

  34. MrSkypony says:

    Bruce if you or others didn't have your ass in the grass with the rest of us you have no right to say anything about the war
    101st Airborne 69-70

  35. Scott Ward says:

    To ALL my fellow Veterans, past, present and future. THANK YOU!!! For giving us the freedoms we enjoy. Salutes and Kudos are not enough. Now, as for the little asswipe, "Brucetheparishiltonf". Your name says most of it. You whine and cry, like you do??. Yet, how can you say anything so disrepectful, especially about those brave souls who died in a war?? Any war. You were a "conscientious objector." That was your choice. I chose to serve, like many, before me and retired. Shame on you.

  36. manuel soares says:

    i like to thank my friend john who became a corneal and every US VETERAN for their service.GOD BLESS and thank you very much.

  37. Iluvthearmy123 says:

    Hell ya I'm angry you clearly are not a true american

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