Vietnam Combat Footage Part 5

Part 5 more to come!


13 thoughts on “Vietnam Combat Footage Part 5

  1. Pacific, WW2. Probably Marines. But NOT Vietnam. >Peedee, 121st and 336th Assault Helicopter companies, Mekong Delta 2/1968-2/1969.

  2. James Schrang says:

    Hey wake up! This is WWII and those are B-25 Mitchell bombers! This is NOT VIETNAM footage!!!

  3. Kevin Johnson says:

    No wonder everyone thought us Americans were dumb for Vietnam.. We were using ww11 planes,vehicles and guns.. Hell even the cameras were old as fuck!!

    Seriously tho how do you mix up the Vietnam War with ww11 lol socdumb

  4. Nitty BlahBlah says:

    You forget to fill out your ID10T Form when you posted this video…

  5. Paul Brown says:

    Those of us who have seen war, will forever see it now, everyday of our lives. We can never forget what we had to do or what we saw. No kid of 19-20 should ever have to see or do the things we did, not ever.

  6. suiterd62 says:

    Thank you, Sailors on the Naval Gunfire Support Ships. Thank you. DRS / RVN Vet. Once upon a time an 0311 Jarhead.

  7. MG Gailitis says:

    Dropping bombs on an idea. That will learn ya! What a waste of human lives.

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