Vietnam Combat Footage Part 2

WARNING SOME GRAPHIC CONTENT. This video was a news report on Vietnamisation. Its purpose is educational. It shows the incompetence of leadership, the bravery of soldiers, the futily of war and its costs.

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. program of turning over to the South Vietnamese government responsibility for waging the conflict, in order to implement withdrawal of U.S. military personnel.

This video shows its failures. In this video clip It shows the heroic activity of the South Vietnamese Army vs a well trained, highly motivated tactically superior PAVN or NLF unit better known as Victor Charlie VC.

Using their main guerilla doctrine. The PAVN show why they are superior in tactics by nature of defensive positions. In this video a unit is left behind so the main NLF column can withdraw to safety. Also a US unit fails to provide CASEVAC due to sustained NLF In Direct Fire (IDF). The NVA tactics show even though outnumbered and outgunned they control the battle. Observations are best made to understand this engagement by looking at it from the NLF side. where they constantly provide surprises during the battle.

To understand the NLF/PAVN tactics there is a good source on this link.

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