Vietnam Combat Footage Part 1


8 thoughts on “Vietnam Combat Footage Part 1

  1. SEMPERFI , 66-68 DMZ,,,,,,3/4 MARINES ,

  2. Alfred Castañeda says:

    This is why I shake every Vietnam Veteran's hand whenever I see one. My dad was in Tuy Hoa from '69-'70. God bless all of my brothers and sisters, both past and present!

  3. Kids used to be so well spoken. Rap destroyed that.

  4. Andrew McIntosh says:

    Is this the same Ortiz that was killed on hill 875?

  5. Luis Guevara says:

    Sargent Ortiz o/

  6. SonOfTheDawn515 says:

    Glad we improved.

  7. Where is this material? thanks in advance for your response.

  8. Die fucker Die says:

    What was the new guys name?

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