Vietnam Combat Footage: Operations Badger Tooth and Green

Various footage of Operations Badger Tooth and Green filmed between December 1967 and January 1968 in Vietnam. Includes block and assault operations by India and Kilo Companies 3/1, involving beach sweeping on foot and in tanks, burning of Vietnamese houses, firing of M-16 rifles, and digging foxholes. The last segment includes footage of Marines and soldiers of the Combined Action Program at Khe Sanh, patrolling and keeping watch for NVA troops.

6 thoughts on “Vietnam Combat Footage: Operations Badger Tooth and Green

  1. Too bad someone couldn't add sound to this like vietnam HD does with their soundless videos

  2. Longhair's View Of The World says:

    This must have been filmed shortly before the 3/1 Kilo wipeout.

  3. Fracisco Perez says:

    They used bipods on their M16? 6:19. Was Robert Muller in this outfit? I like how casually they stroll on the beach.

  4. Dwight Turner says:

    Damn, you'd think that by the Vietnam war there would be a sound track with the video.

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