Vietnam 1967 – Battle Of Dak To Archival Stock Footage

Soldiers in foxholes and sandbag fortifications in a blasted area of trees in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Some soldiers filling sandbags while others clean weapons. CU of soldiers loading and firing numerous mortar rounds. A UH-1 Huey helicopter lifting a sling of supplies. Soldiers move out through jungle. Soldier talking on field radio while looking at a map.

Soldiers digging foxhole. Medic treats wounded soldier. Soldiers come under enemy fire. Soldier crawls forward and flips into foxhole. Two wounded soldiers laying in shallow protected area. Soldier with bloody face. Dustoff medical helicopter hovering, wounded loaded onboard.

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4 thoughts on “Vietnam 1967 – Battle Of Dak To Archival Stock Footage

  1. The enthusiasm of the mortar men haven’t changed to this day!

  2. Pepsi boi says:

    Is this with the 173rd?

  3. Richard Bishop says:

    I'm sure they made fun of that one soldier carrying that big shovel, but it was very handy for digging a nice safe fighting hole or bunker. I'm sure the other grunts that only had entrenching tools were jealous.

  4. bellissime immagini , documento storico veramente notevole

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