Viet Cong (Nation liberation front) action combat footage

People liberation army – Viet Cong – of Nation liberation front

Video was made mainly from documentaries across the world.

This video was created for educational purposes only. The main reason was the lack of videos from the Vietnam War from the “other side” view. The video does not aim for propaganda or politics. Enjoy.

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The Forbidden City – Antti Martikainen Music (

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24 thoughts on “Viet Cong (Nation liberation front) action combat footage

  1. Yousif M.F.M.S says:

    Thumbs up for the brave people who don't take shit from america

  2. Jose Lefian says:

    The best fighters, always.
    Eternal respect from Chile.

  3. sharifah suhaila syed muhsein says:

    I think they just expose their position

  4. Minh Phát Phạm says:

    These are a very rare footage!

  5. Yeah I support the troops

  6. These guys were fucking made from steel!!

  7. Ivan Alekseichuk says:

    Brave and self sacrificing men and wemen decieved by Communist propaganda. But Vietnam could have become another South Korea 🙁

  8. Goldy83 CZ says:

    How I feel while playing as VC in RS2: Vietnam.

  9. Darling137 says:

    Some combat footage probably, but most looks like Communist propaganda.

  10. Depan Jauh says:

    The best fighter ever in this planet.bravo viet cong!

  11. amine Algerino says:

    D ont laughing with you


    Awesome 👍😎☺️😍!!!! I was looking for video of the winning team!!!! Hallelujah Jesus!!!!

  13. Taourit Aimad says:


  14. Francesco Fantini says:

    Respect from Italy to the first country in the world that has shown that even the Yankees, with the right amount of kicks in the ass, can be sent back to their home. Long live Vietnam, an example for the world!

  15. Born to Kill says:

    cowardly vietcong soldiers because they always shoot stealth and also always hide, compared to American soldiers who dare to fight..and I support American soldiers

  16. Michele Pinton says:

    Vietcong 1 ..usa 0…failed usa go home

  17. amine Algerino says:

    Music : the forbbieden city

  18. While I'm American I have great respect for the Vietnamese people they fight power after power off.
    Japan, France, America , And China

  19. Muhammad Noor bin Rohani says:

    Viet Cong has the brave army in Asean & Asia.

  20. YT _chuckpro says:

    3:30 You can clearly see a dead ARVN soldier under the column , he won't be remember anywhere in VN, sad.

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