USS Wyoming – Guide 004 (Human Voice)

The Wyoming class, last 12-inch battleships of the United States Navy, are todays subject.

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35 thoughts on “USS Wyoming – Guide 004 (Human Voice)

  1. Sig Bauer says:

    Too bad that the Razorback football team isn't as tough…

  2. I have been searching for a long time now for a photo or drawing of what the remains of the Arkansas looks like at the bottom of Bikini Lagoon, so many many thanks to you, Mr. Drachinifel!
    The craziest part of the Test Baker (did they realize they made a pun??) photo is the big black smudge to the right of the column is the USS Arkansas doing an en-pointe de le morte.
    Somebody let me know if I have the French phrase correct because Ich weisse nicht.

  3. WorshipinIdols says:

    America got Battleships right, right from the start, and just kept on going all the way till the absolutely murderous Iowas, and then the Iowa’s again In the ‘80s!
    Oh and BTW…
    • Shoot all the Exocets you want French while Iowa takes a nap.
    • Even the Russians with their gigantic [almost double!] super-sonic P-1000 (improved P-500 Basalt NATO designation Sandbox) and later the far improved P-700 Granit (NATO designation SS-N-19 Shipwreck) would have a hard time bringing the sea worthy of an Iowa into doubt.
    But the 32 Tomahawks, and 32 Harpoons (with PLENTY, PLENTY!!! Of space for more of everything, I would recommend splitting the Tomahawks 32 Anti-ship, 32 Land-attack, 32 Harpoons (dual mode, both land/ship-attack).
    • AND!!! Those 16”/50s need a specially designed 12” sabot round that will easily comer over a miles. GPS GUIDED. With a rocket booster. Oh boy!

  4. USS North Carolina says:

    hi mom 😀

  5. Uncle Johnie plays says:

    Sucks in wow

  6. nd.1986 mmt says:

    Why don’t you discuss the USS Sable?

  7. Todd Webb says:

    As Arkansas was doing convoy escort while the Germans still had battleships I think Arkansas vs Scharnhorst would be a good ship v ship question

  8. Handlebar Fox says:

    "unsurprisingly, this sunk the ship" … no, you removed the ocean, then dumped it back on top. That's not sinking it, that's burying it.

  9. snakes3425 says:

    Designer: How many 12in guns do you want
    Navy: yes

  10. Иосиф Луна says:

    Hey, I thought Utah was the oldest US BB to survive naval treaty as she was lost in the Attack on Pearl harbor? Or am I wrong?

  11. Warren Piece says:

    The Wyoming Class has to be the best looking American Battleship.

  12. I've always had a few big questions about the main armament. Why not 2 4-barrel turrets instead of 4 2-barrel? One advantage is to get the weight lower–those supra-firing turrets must be heavy and they're so much higher. Can't be good for balance. Next: why even supra-fire? How often are the guns at so low an elevation you couldn't just have the turrets one after the other at the same height? As long as they have at least say 15 degrees elevation, all could fire forward. Finally: at enough of an angle, foreward guns should be able to fire straight back, as long as they miss the superstructure. Could these turrets actually turn those angles, though? My vision of how these ships should work would be more like a low flat deck with all turrets equal height and in a row. Then the superstructure in the back. That way you could charge and still bring all guns to bear. When running away, 1-3 turrets at least might be far enough forward to fire back over the superstructure. Only minus is when charging directly at VERY close range, only one turret could shoot straight forward at flat trajectory.

  13. Thanks for this.

    I was not a big fan of these ships. With all those turrets with only 12" guns – it looked a little silly to me. And building 12" guns when your number one competitor (realistically) was building battleships with 13.5" guns seems a tad wasteful. Though compared to any British pre-super dreadnought – they stack up well.
    Personally, I like the Tegetthoff's. They lacked underwater protection. But they looked cool and seemed a good bang for the buck.

  14. Jim Taylor says:

    Am I the only one whom pronounced this ship's name – when I first saw her in a book – "Ark'n'Sarse"?.
    (alternatively: "Ark'n'Sass")

    Rather like Leicester or almost anywhere in Wales, it is perhaps not the most obvious word to pronounce, when one's hitherto never heard of it.

  15. Joe Butterman says:

    Get rid of the robo talk

  16. John Nash says:

    I would love to see a review of the Colorado Class USS Maryland, BB46. She was the 2nd ship of the class planned but was the first laid down in 1917, and the first in service in 1921. She was the very first battleship with 16 inch main guns, with two superfiring twin turrets fore and aft. She participated in the last battleship "Crossing the "T"" engagement against the Japanese at Surigao Straight, Philipine Islands; earned 7 battle stars during WWII, was bombed during the Pearl Harbor attack next to the capsized USS Oklahoma, and survived Kamikaze direct hits, bombs and an airial torpedo throughout the war. My dad served aboard her from 1942-'45 as a Radarman 3rd Class. He had many stories including the torpedo hit to her starboard bow; he said the hole was large enough to "drive" a freight train through her. Another story, was about a comedic sailor who told him that he wouldn't clean spilled food stating on KP duty, "It's the "Officers Mess," let them clean it up." Please review "Fighting Mary."

  17. Will Rogers says:

    Along with the scuttling of the High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow, Operation Crossroads is one of the greatest single causes of “wailing and gnashing of teeth” for the naval historian in me.

    Or, to quote a great man entirely out of context: “You MANIACS! You BLEW IT UP! GOD DAMN YOU!!!”

  18. Wyatt Roncin says:

    uss wyoming, america's first 5" battleship.

  19. darren bennett says:

    May we see the USS Tennessee please 🙂

  20. History Guy Gaming says:

    Thank you so much for this. My great grandfather Seaman First Class Carl Snowden served on the Wyoming

  21. Mic Norton says:

    .. somewhat unsurprisingly, this did sink the ship… Gotta LOVE Drach's dry British humor…

  22. OrlopRat42 says:

    My Grandfather served on the Wyoming from 1919-1924. GM3, forward turret

  23. Im here from world of warships legends i have this boat 😀

  24. Thomas Rolland says:

    Please make a video on my father's Battleship, the USS Tennessee.

  25. Galloping Scroops says:

    USS De Haven (DD-469)

  26. The Pepper Austin Channel says:

    My neighbor served on this ship during WW2. Guy is still as sharp as a tack and full of amazing tales.

  27. polygondwanaland says:

    Somewhat unsurprisingly, this sunk the ship.


  28. buckeyes fan says:

    I love how they have a robot voice at the end lol it fits with its accent

  29. Todd Webb says:

    Since Arkansas was on convoy duty while Germany had surface raiders one has to ask how a Arkansas vs Scharnhorst would have went

  30. Daniel Davis says:

    6:26 she took the Dylan Thomas poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" a bit literally.

  31. 7thsealord says:

    Noting that the USS Wyoming now appears as a standard vessel in the PS4 version of World Of Warships.

  32. John Cook says:

    Good video. Thanks

  33. mike holton says:

    an interesting ship class to do if you haven't done so yet would be the Insect class gunboats of the Royal Navy say HMS Cockchafer. she had quite a career spanning both world wars.

  34. Chalerm Hinjiranandana says:


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