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USS Salem is a heavy cruiser, one of the last artillery cruisers built in the USA, the Sea Witch of the US Navy, and …a giant that was late for the war. Nevertheless, her technical characteristics exceeded her time, as she was designed as a “nightmare” for the Japanese Imperial Navy. In this episode of Naval Legends, we will explore one of the most advanced cruisers of its time. Welcome aboard the USS Salem!

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45 thoughts on “USS Salem. Inside of main turret gun | World of Warships

  1. World of Warships Official Channel says:

    Hey! We’re starting the year with a special marathon that features a selection of updated episodes of the best historical series on our YouTube channel. It's the perfect time to get together with your family, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, pour a hot drink, tip back in a comfortable armchair, and plunge into naval history!

  2. Karl Bloedow says:

    My dad was a Quarter Master from 1954 to 1956 on the USS Salem in Korea.

  3. Mike Coglione says:

    I went all the way down turret 2 on the Salem more than a couple times and learned how it worked down there. It's a pretty neat and unique experience. I've done turret tours on other battleships with the lights both on and off, and been down in the Salem with the lights turned on as well as off. IT's better with lights on to see what's going on but there's something creepy and spooky about doing it by flashlight only.

  4. KD is not 6'9 says:

    now do smolsnk main battery gun, oh wait…..

  5. Donnie Montoya says:

    Touch ALL the things

  6. Alan Ortiz Colombo says:

    I guess sailors were given cyanide pills in case of ship sinking…

  7. aluisious says:

    This guy's mustache is unforgivable.

  8. Sam the Brick-man says:

    You guys in the preserve those Tourette’s

  9. Thomas KBK says:

    Were you allowed to go in the turret ? When i was visiting the uss salem i couldnt went so far in it.

  10. Nathanael Godson says:

    Now do the same for Bismarck

  11. Harald Lorentzen says:

    Holy tight spaces Batman! I would get so claustrophobic in the underside of the turret. Can't have been easy to be doing you job in there.
    Interesting video.

  12. all the fucking brain dead teammates I get ruins the enjoyment of the game! Fix match making for fucks sakes!! great video by the way.

  13. bodasactra says:

    The big guns were used for radar controlled long range anti-air defense in real life. Why is this not applied in the game? Why is the radar range shorter than Des Moines using the same radar system? Can we expect legendary modules in the future for this tier 10? It a great ship and I love using it with emphasis on a heal/damage build for brawling close in. I have had matches well over 100,000 damage absorbed with the super heal. A powerful alternative to DM if you know how to use it as intended. Thanks WG.

  14. Farhan fidzz says:

    Salem and Des Moines are the same but player treat Des Moines like shit

  15. some explanation would be nice for us who dont know anything about the mechanism, kinda sad that this ship looks unmaintained & dirty asf as a museum ship

  16. mazgazine1 says:

    WTF Weegee? No explanation, just creepy music? Did you illegally sneak onto the ship???

  17. Intel core i7 says:

    What are those?

  18. Fortus Victus says:

    MMMmm, if you try hard enough you can smell the lead paint and asbestos. Actually rather surprised how much machinery and structure they left in those lifts and turret mechanisms. On most ships brass fittings and copper piping stuff has long been sold off or 'walked away'.

  19. David Hawking says:

    Thank You WG for presenting this content.

  20. Alex Nevárez says:

    please explain how it works in real life, or the engineer behind this, as bombs, and torpedoes

  21. Not the footwear that I’d of chosen, but I like my feet.

  22. Jevin Liu says:

    Why does it look like the person is literally walking through a shipwreck?

  23. Seriously crawling around a war ship with sandals?


  24. thorsmith59 says:

    Good video. Love the history behind these ships. Would be even better with some captions to explain things we were seeing.

  25. Ilham Zainulhaq says:

    Hater & dislike spammer should keep their finger away from this kind of video.

  26. Wisky Docent says:

    Thought this was going to explain how the guns actually worked. Still amazing though.
    Reminds me that I need to go exploring on my ship, USS Wisconsin BB-64…Speaking of, when r u guys going to get down here to do a video on us?!

  27. mad LOCKK says:

    …never forget PUERTO RICO!

  28. Why does this look so illegal?

  29. ANDYMCNET says:

    NO NO NO we only want to hear from this channel when you have an apology for lying to us. (Puerto Rico shambles)

  30. SkinnyKnight says:

    Wish the tour had some narration so we could know what we’re looking at or how it operates

  31. best heavy cruiser of the time


  32. WeeGee is censoring comments about the Puerto Rico OMEGALUL

  33. Thunder_gp says:

    It is a shame the ship is in poor condition as it is. It needs some TCL… I would go see it, but I believe it’s closed for the season.

  34. jesus …. salem is in a bad status

  35. A daka2x ship that really existed.

  36. Cancun771 says:

    I thought the Puerto Rico was the best heavy cruiser of its time.

  37. Hey, if you guys manage to get subs into the game, will you tour one of them like this? We have the USS Razorback here in Little Rock, Arkansas, and they do tours.

  38. Connor Vasey says:

    I love thie Naval Legends Series and have 2 say we need more

  39. It looks like that turret needs a little TLC.

  40. MrKKUT1984 says:

    Wonder what all that is by the rope at 6:33 ? Kinda looks like depth charge racks or something

  41. Alexander1485 says:

    whys he wearing flip flops?

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