USS Montana – Guide 118

The Montana class, the last designed American battleships, are today’s subject.

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34 thoughts on “USS Montana – Guide 118

  1. Joel McCoy says:

    Was the Armour riveted like the Yamato on the Iowa and Montana class ships? If so Japanese long lance torpedoes would have made the armour a moot subject. Defective Mark 13 Torpedoes stretched the war out two extra years. Refusal to quickly adopt RADAR by the commanders dragged Guadalcanal out. Montana class Battleships were the Edsels of the WWII Navy.

  2. Tony Scolaro says:

    Drach punted on the big question. How would a Montana fare against a Yamato, one on one?

  3. Steven Li says:

    Man Montana would’ve been such a beautiful ship. As much as I love the Iowa the 4 turrets just look so balanced.

  4. Peter Rogan says:

    The constant redevelopment of the Montana class and its differing approaches to which attribute — speed, firepower, armor — would be most required when they would be built reflects the strategic indecision inherent in producing the class. Having decided to build the 'fast' Iowa class first, the Navy maundered marvelously over the decision of what sort of successor battleship they really wanted. Not contemplated here is the shifting emphasis to defense against air attack, the importance of which was demonstrated with the loss of the Repulse and the Prince of Wales in 1941 and only became more acute as the Pacific war raged on. In the end no decision could be made because the external factors of air attack and air defense made the prior considerations of displacement, firepower, speed and armor moot. Given the shift in technology to missiles, battleships dependent on ordinary cannon for their offensive power were no longer of any significant consequence in any future conflict, much as the development of aerial attack made the giant howitzers and railway cannon of the late 19th Century of secondary importance — the ultimate weapon of the First World War, no later. The Montana class suffered the same fate, but fortunately before the huge cost of constructing even one of them could begin. Magnificent as they might once have been, after 1950 they would be colossal liabilities, much as the Iowa class became. A pity, but a necessary one.

  5. Gary Cameron says:

    Anything on the proposed super Yamato classes? Those would have been insane.

  6. I've always been fascinated by the Montanas. Had they been built, they would have been the largest of their kind. But, with WWII going better for the Allies by 1943, if they had been laid down, I feel only two — USS Montana and USS Ohio — would have been launched and commissioned.

    What a sight they would have been, though.

  7. Jess Treloar says:

    Oilers, supply ships, and repair ships were high value targets. How about the Dixie class ADs? Ship's history said the
    USS Prairie AD-15 repaired damage to the HMS Ajax from their encounter with the Graf Spee.

  8. fin screenname says:

    I don't think they would have been adding any AA guns besides the 5 inchers and for that matter would have stripped most everything else off when the jet age came about around the same time the Montana would have been commissioned. Just like they did with the Iowa's.

  9. Jade Phoenix says:

    If a time is available I'd go back in time convince the navy to choose montana class instead.

  10. Chung Kai Man says:

    Which is more powerful in the secondary gun stand point ?
    5×2 5inch gun ?
    4×2 6inch gun ?

  11. Anthony Amable Feliciano says:

    what would be Beautiful, if Montana went up against Yamato, on a Proper Gun fight

  12. Larry Thorn says:

    Build it. Now. In 2020. Except instead of lots of guns just gimme one turret on the back for pummeling shore targets and make the rest a gigantic missile and radar farm. You get a missile, and YOU get a missle, AND YOU GET A MISSILE! EVERYBODY GETS A MISSILE!! EVEN IF THEY DON'T WANT ONE, THEY GET A MISSILE ANYWAY! TAKE TWO THEY'RE FREE!

  13. BDFisch22 says:

    I doubt they would’ve sent the ships across the Atlantic to reach the Pacific. The USN had used the Straits of Magellan or Drake Passage in the past and used them post war as well (to include today with the CVNs). You do loose strategic mobility as I believe they loose about 3 weeks of transit time.

  14. 00:30
    Your logo says "histriographer". Did you not actually intend it to be "historiographer"?

  15. fooman2108 says:

    The 5-inch 54 was the USN standard DD weapon for about 50 years (until replaced about 6 years ago) with the 5-in 60 cal. (their first really notable use was on the Midways and Forrestal classes (as built)

  16. I dance for pennies says:

    If you can get 33 Kts on 45,000 tonnes and a good armoured package, it really doesn't matter if you fiddle around with the main armament. You are going to win whatever options you tick.

  17. Taicheng Song says:

    Yamato completely demolish this crap… in WOWS of course 🙂

  18. pyronuke476 says:

    My favorite "could have but never was" battleships✋😑👌

  19. Tina Foster says:

    Can someone please explain to me what is the trouble of taking a battleship around Cape Horn? If Captain lucky Jack Aubrey can do it with an oak frigate you'd think an American Admiral could with a 72000 ton USS Montana LOL

  20. Hannah Miyamoto says:

    The never built ships are always fascinating. I guess people have an inordinate love for hypotheticals because imagination is more fun than dreary reality. It's like joining the Navy hoping to captain a "fighting ship" or submarine, and being assigned an oiler or repair vessel. "Uh, yeah. Thanks." My father's last tour was on a supply ship; however, he was the sort who was happy to stay far from the alarms of war.

  21. Dutchman 72 says:

    As hard it would have been to justify having Montana class battleships. It still would have been wonderful to see one or two of them.

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