USS Johnston (DD-557) Discovery – Latest Footage

The crew aboard Vulcan Inc.’s Research Vessel (R/V) Petrel has reached new depths, discovering the wreckage of yet another WWII ship. The ship was laid to rest 20,400 feet (6,220 meters) below the ocean surface – making this the deepest discovery of any war ship in history.

Although the exact identity of the ship is a mystery, the crew’s historian believes she was USS Johnston, a Fletcher-class destroyer that was sunken during the Battle off Samar – one of the largest naval battles in history.

40 thoughts on “USS Johnston (DD-557) Discovery – Latest Footage

  1. paul Provenzano says:

    my father was in the sixth infantry, part of the landing force. Without the brave man of the USS Johnston, I probably wouldn’t be here. I have no idea how to thank those man for something like that, but I do. I hope they rest well and sleep peacefully in their deep grave. We will all hoist one together someday in Valhalla, and I’ll thank them again, in person.

  2. Telecasterland says:

    Without the absolute tenacity of the Johnston many more would have died and the battle would have been lost. No ship exhibited more bravery in WW2 than this one.

  3. jack dully says:

    I was on a Fletcher for 2 years, the USS Cony DD-508 and watched this video quite a few times. At 9 minutes 22 seconds into it,I believe you are looking at the BRIDGE the wheel house with the round ports, there were quite a few 15 or so in a semi circle from the port side to starboard side.The white area is the inner side of the wheel house (bridge).The Johnston was being fired upon by many Japanese ships on her last attack before she went down with her valiant crew and it definitely explains why she lays so broken up on the bottom.God rest their souls

  4. This tin can fought like a damn battleship, and it shows. Each piece shown here still has the scars of war, it’s amazing the thing is still recognizable, I mean every single remnant is completely blown apart and riddled with bulletholes

  5. Ron Lawson says:

    I have read the story many times and I thought the hull was more or less intact when she went down I did not know that she was blown to bits on the surface . It’s amazing anyone survived !

  6. Perry Davis says:

    Is there a main section of the ship or did the whole thing get blown to bits?

  7. Amazing how brave Americans used to be and now we are scared of the tiniest things. Things that can walk thru most masks easily. God help us.

  8. The grave of true heroes. Evans and the USS Johnston crew fought and died with honor.

  9. GARGLER42 says:

    9:59 looks like the porthole style bridge windows & part of the radar mast drive mechanism.

  10. Isaac Lao says:

    Ah yes the legendary battleship

  11. Xombi Xombi says:

    It's great that she is so deep that the scrappers can't rob the grave.

  12. bobby cv64 says:

    Thank you for this presentation. To me, one of the GREATEST MEDAL OF HONORS. Earnest E Evans (EEE) did what a CAPTAIN in the USN would do, WITHOUT ORDERS, turned his ship 180 degrees DIRECTLY into a JAPANESE FLEET, not a couple ships, not a squadron, but a FLEET (30+ SHIPS). You want comparison. His ship had 5 inch guns and the Japanese had 3, 5, 8, 14, 18 inch guns. They were faster, more powerful, HOWEVER, EEE as stated in another video, TOOK THEM ON. EEE was alone, after Admiral Spruance saw what EEE did, he ordered other Destroyers to follow. There is a lot more that happened, EEE, hit two CRUISER / SMALL BATTLESHIPS caused mayhem and then Johnston is hit many times, blown up and yet EEE still turns around for more. Then Johnston cuts the line to save additional ships and now the Japanese are furious. EEE was performing all kinds of tactics and finally Japan obliterates Johnston. EEE you are my hero.

  13. James Foster says:

    Fascinating. Is the cause of breaking up shown due to battle damage or from the trip to the bottom?

  14. Matthew Hahn says:

    I believe is broken wrecked

  15. Philip Liong says:

    huh after watching this video of wreckage. it completely destroyed. seem like exploded from inside

  16. Wow the shrapnel/shell holes in the funnel sure tells the tale.

  17. Dave -in-NJ says:

    from photos of the ships, the Hoel had elongated windows in the bridge, the Roberts had round.

  18. Joe Watson says:

    Was this level of devastation the result of battle damage? Most of the sunken warship videos I have seen have at least the basic hull structure still intact.

  19. Paul Beard says:

    The part you say you wouldn’t follow the trail of and that it goes deeper, could hold the rest of the ship and maybe mostly Still together

  20. jack dully says:

    In addition I was an E-5 2nd class gunner on board a Fletcher.Around 14:20 minutes of the video the wreckage that you are looking at I'm guessing is the Mk. 54 Fire Control Radar.The turreted director was a little smaller than a 5"38 gun mount,it sat above the bridge just forward of the radar mast,up high.Seeing that you saw the mast on the same dive and this unknown object was apparently close to the mast,I think that probably is that gun director or possibly a 40mm Gun mount.Great video but short.I would like to see other area's of the ship,when you find them,THANK YOU

  21. jack dully says:

    In addition,I was a 2nd class E-5 gunner's mate and in the video around 14:20 minutes I'm guessing that it is the main fire control radar (mk.54) that you are viewing.The director was a little smaller than a 5"38 gun mount and high above the bridge and near the radar mast.Since you saw the mast probably close by,I'm guessing that it is the gun director or possibly a 40mm antiaircraft mount.The Johnston was being fired on by many Japanese ships before it sank and that could explain why it is broken up so badly,Nice Video,I'd like to see more video and in other areas of the ship,whether it is The Johnston or not THANKS

  22. jack dully says:

    I believe that the white-ish wreckage with circular (porthole) type of structures is the main bridge outer shell.Behind it would be the helm,engine order telegraph,etc. I was on a Fletcher for 2 years and did many bridge watches

  23. Thomas Pritchard says:

    A piece of these two ships should be recovered and made the centerpieces of a memorial at Arlington. The crews earned it!

  24. Please write to the Secretary of the Navy to name the new FFG(X) after Cmdr. Ernest E. Evans. Like the USS Enterprise, the US Navy should NEVER be without a ship named USS Ernest E. Evans, by far the best fighting captain of WW2, and well deserved recipient of the Medal of Honor! Like Admiral Arleigh Burke, a new class of warships for Commander Ernest E. Evans is most appropriate.

  25. Naval History and Heritage Command, Photo No. NH 52319, Port side view of USS Johnston (DD-557) underway, in 1944, shows blast shields for mount 51 and mount 55. Ref video: 12:17 Mounts 51 & 55 would have blast shields to protect the gun captains from the muzzle blasts of Mounts 52 & 54 respectively. The video at 9:13 may be the bridge structure of the USS Johnston. It was utterly devastated by 3 direct hits and abandoned. The video at 8:21 shows a ladder, which if it's in the correct location, would indicate the main mast was broken toward the bow as witnessed by a survivor. These are supporting evidence this is the USS Johnston, not the USS Hoel. The Hoel's SG radar was working and that would suggest the mast was not broken or dangling. Just my opinion…

  26. If that is USS Johnston, I bet you didn't find any unfired ammo anywhere nearby

  27. Will Moritz says:

    honey comb supports for a reduction gear in the engine room at 10:00

  28. Exit Only says:

    Such brave men who faced impossible odds, yet did the impossible to save the escort carriers and the soldiers on the beachhead. These tin cans did more damage than the Yamato ever did in its entire career.

  29. Maurice Clemens says:

    Man,this ship was blown to Hell!

  30. For the holy Land says:

    I believe from my many visits to the USS Kidd DD 661. the wreckage with windows was the main bridge and rudder control / steering control this is definitely a Fletcher I can confirm
    The many parts belong to a Fletcher but it is unclear weather or not it is Johnston DD 557

  31. Kathy Cook says:

    Could the remainder of the hull have slid down the trench? That rut looks pretty good size.

  32. colliecandle says:

    All that scrap metal in nice recoverable size pieces.

  33. Chad Casale says:

    This will be a fight against overwhelming odds from which survival canot be expected. We will do what damage we can. BRAVERY personified in that statement. What a man.

  34. Colonel Sanders says:

    The book, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, by James Hornfisher, covers Th is battle…An excellent book if ya ever get the chance.

  35. Kenny Sherrill says:



    How did it sink..

  37. Scott Cravens says:

    The unidentifiable piece was a chunk of her Kiel

  38. It really looks like she hit while upside down and scraped off all the top structures before the bulk of the ship slid further into the trench.

  39. Michael Johnston says:

    Cmdr. Evans Commander USS JOHNSTON:  "This is going to be a fighting ship. I intend to go in harm's way, and anyone who doesn't want to go along had better get off right now."

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