USS Arizona Survivor

Lauren Bruner is a Navy Veteran and USS Arizona survivor. At age 21, Bruner was onboard the Battleship Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7th, 1941. The Purple Heart recipient is one of a handful of USS Arizona survivors who are still alive to tell the story of that day. We sit down with Mr. Bruner during a recent visit to Tucson as the University of Arizona honors World War II veterans, marking the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Producer: Mitchell Riley

26 thoughts on “USS Arizona Survivor

  1. joseph Rapoza says:

    Words you don't want to hear …. This is not a drill….

  2. joseph Rapoza says:

    He was place back in the Arizona upon his death in an incredible ceremony.

  3. Kyle Gallant says:

    RIP Mr Bruner. You are a true inspiration and gentlemen for all to admire!!!!!

  4. Ridge Bolosan says:

    And after that bombing of Pearl Harbor, we were at war with the Japanese

  5. Brayden Vlogs says:

    Who ever disliked what if you where the one on the ship

  6. Man man what. A tragedy of USS Arizona

  7. Video so undrerrated!

  8. Not all Gaming says:

    war is not that good if you are the one that being attacked eh?
    stupid cowboy

  9. His story was one of the ones depicted in the Pearl Harbor scene in the movie Midway.

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  11. YTjndallas says:

    My Uncle was one of the 326(?) survivors of the USS Arizona. Earnest M. Shawn.

  12. Very few USS Arizona survivors left. RIP sir, and Billy Mann. You’re the greatest generation. 🇺🇸

  13. Bianca Hotca says:

    Awe that's so sweet!!

  14. gerald 413 says:

    Words can't explain how grateful for your service & dedication we are. 🇺🇸


    "History right there infront of you"Passive Aggressive much?

  16. Natalie Rozean says:

    He saw so much. He survived and continued to serve. What an amazing thing that he never broke or became cold inside. He came out of it all with his heart and compassion still intact. What a beautiful man.

  17. S k i p スキップ says:

    I remember a 90 something year old man at pearl harbor he was veteran and he was in ww2 I forgot what his name was

  18. Val Thomas says:

    May he rest with his fallen comrades in pearl harbor.

  19. He passed away on September month of 2019. RIP

  20. Captain KapAlot says:

    Must of been a great time to be a sailor before pearl harbor

  21. IsaiahSimpss says:

    This is my teachers step dad deadass no lie on god

  22. Rob McCarthy says:

    You don't find too many Heroes that survived. I think a lot of the testimony from people that were at battles, were hiding in the background – kind of like the story about how big the fish was that they caught, it gets exaggerated every time they tell the story

  23. vdrivevideo says:

    Outstanding video! Thank you Lauren Bruner!

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