USS Alaska – Guide 105 (Extended)

The Alaska class, -insert designation here- of the United States Navy, are today’s subject.

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-Fire Control Systems
-Protected Cruisers
-Scout Cruisers
-Naval Artillery
-Tirpitz (damage history)
-Treaty Battleship comparison
-Warrior to Pre-dreadnought
-British BC Ammo Handling
-Naval AA Special

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22 thoughts on “USS Alaska – Guide 105 (Extended)

  1. Bananaskin101 says:

    Would have been interesting if they fitter her with three dual turrets with 16" Mk7 guns, going down the HMS Renown battlecruiser layout.

  2. Scott Eggert says:

    This was a very good article. As to the last segment I have to agree and disagree with you. The, Alaska's were not Battlecruisers in any way as they as you mentioned really lacked the same Gun caliber as their battleship contemporaries the Iowa Class. But I lately have been thinking that they are too large to be true Large Cruisers as well. So what I now think is that the Alaska's should be in fact called light or fast Battlecruisers. As they could keep up the real capital ships (Carriers and Battleships) but had the firepower to obliterate any ship that was a Heavy Cruiser or smaller at a greater range than the targeted ships could reasonably reply back. And yet they still had a reasonable chance of inflicting heavy damage to a Capital ship if they encountered one. The Mark 8 12inch/.50 caliber are very good naval guns if sort of on the smaller end for the time period.

  3. General_Cheese6 says:

    I first saw the USS Alaska in a magazine a few years before this came out, I was actually confused on why these Iowa lookalikes were being called cruisers because to me they looked like The Iowa with a super heavy cruiser hull. When I did some research, I realized they were actually America's last Battlecruisers (Large Cruisers whatever your preference is 🙂 ) and they really intrigued me. Then this video came out, I really enjoyed learning more about these fascinating warships, thank you!

  4. Matthew Moser says:

    Correct me of I'm wrong, but my understanding was that Battlecruisers were supposed to stand in the Battle Line with Battleships. Toe to toe they couldn't last, but two or three could take down any Battleship. If that's the case, I would argue that these aren't Battlecruisers because they were never expected to stand in the battle line.

  5. Trail Blazin Bricks says:

    Why did they take torpedo tubes out of American cursers

  6. GrockleTD says:

    Alaska Vs. Gneisnau?

  7. FRAGIORGIO1 says:

    I was surprised by the British contemplating a super cruiser with only 9.2 inch guns instead of at least 10 inch or 12 inch guns, knowing that the Germans already had used eleven inch guns. They were handsome ships that I would call Battlecruisers, due to the 12 inch guns and size as well as protection.

  8. Kenneth Ball says:

    The only ship class I’ve ever seen where “light battleship” or “ escort battleship” may be the most accurate description

  9. Harry Johnson says:

    U. s : We need guns, all the god dam guns.

    British : did you build a gun platform that can only be in one place at a time

  10. Harry Murphey says:

    … @12:05 … that is the Back Basin of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard …

  11. Wayne Saeger says:

    World of Warships: Legends, on Xbox and PlayStation allow you to earn this ship over stages. One stage talks about the design having 4 to 12 guns considered. 12 doesn’t surprise me, but 4 is almost shocking. Have you ever seen any discussion of this and what the gains might have been elsewhere by only having 4 guns? Would they have been the same size as what it had, or would it have used Iowa guns in a 2×2?

  12. Self-replicating whatnot says:

    I prefer the designation of 'uge dakka boat

  13. Maybe I wasn’t fully paying attention, so what was the point to have a battle cruiser? To have a fast cruiser killer? To stretch the naval treaties to the limits with what was allowed? Sounds like battlecruisers against battleships would end terribly

  14. It is interesting that the United States Navy, which had previously ignored the battle cruiser / large cruiser concept ended up becoming the last Navy to utilize them.

  15. Shawn Beckmann1 says:


  16. Don Laight says:

    Who's reading this coz they play WoWsL?

  17. If it looks like a Battlecruiser, smells like a Battlecruiser and tastes like a Battlecruiser….it's a Battlecruiser.


  18. Karsel Tang says:

    it cracks me up everytime when the phrase "five minutes guide to warship" appears.

  19. Vanguard Actual 1 says:

    What's up with the smartass comments? Just because You Cannot own & fire weapons don't be jealous of us? Change your Govt's mind. Ohh that's right you are British… Well as befire, just wait & watch America. We'll do it Again!

  20. Richardsen says:

    Poor ships, not only they could not excercise their original mission, but they were also one of the worst warship designs of the time.

  21. Chloe Hennessey says:

    I got the Alaska in World of Warships: Blitz, it’s an okay ship. It’s been power creeped I think.

    I just got the Tirpitz last night for $44.
    First battle in it I did 88k damage and sunk 2. Doesn’t sound like much I know. But for me that’s awesome!

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