USMC Recon Sniper & Infantry engage moving robotic targets

U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, (1/2) 2nd Marine Division participate in a live-fire training event using autonomous, robotic targets on Camp Lejeune, N.C., April 5, 2018. The targets’ technology presented new challenges for the Marines to face and overcome, both individually and as a unit.


24 thoughts on “USMC Recon Sniper & Infantry engage moving robotic targets

  1. None realise that they already equiped M40A6?

  2. Those are some fast robots

  3. This just in terrorists have replaced their legs with wheels

  4. Hayden Robertson says:

    Do recon snipers have to do Jump School? I’m in highschool and finna join when I get out but I just wanted to know if they do or not

  5. Shadowboost says:

    Put a weapon system on those robots and you have yourself a pretty scary weapon of war

  6. L. Richmond Childs says:

    Is there less flash from the Marine Sniper weapons with silencers? Why do we add a silencer on their weapons? Are we adding Silencers to all Rifles now? Thanks 🙏 for all you Brethren who serve!!!

  7. White Feather says:

    Tap rack bang tuffen!

  8. Azreal of the first legion says:

    Marine commander in briefing: “Today’s practice is to eliminate as many civilians as you can”


  9. your comment might not work so please says:


  10. People are proud of Marines for this?

  11. Stefan Drugarinovic says:

    damn that gun is silent

  12. Anyone know the suppressor they are now using?

  13. Interesting video, USMC training with H&K 416 and H&K 417 rifles and 1911 pistols

  14. KILL erdoğan orospuçocuğu says:

    sniperssssssssssssssss .we need some us snipers to take erdogan out of the Business .God save USA.

  15. Ankit Yadav says:

    Fun Fact: In advanced training it carries 11 lbs. explosives around the waist yelling "Allah hu akbar" down the roll 😁😂

  16. Justin Crespo says:

    I like how everyone saying " Your target isn't going to be walking straight and is going to fire back". Stfu because when you go to the range your shooting paper fucking dumbfucks.

  17. Jose Marino says:

    hum, I think that this is very dynamic training. I wonder if the same robot operator could shoot paint balls at the soldiers.

  18. keenan walker says:

    I wish the marines stuck with the new 1911s you just can’t beat a .45 slug but unfortunately they will not be purchasing more all going to the 320s 😭

  19. QZE SB-CA says:

    Those probably cost $100 million, I shit you not

  20. المهتاش في اوقات متأخره من الليل says:


  21. P. Thadeus Hornswoggler says:

    1911 M45

  22. Dwight Stegall says:

    That's lame as hell. I could hit those with a pea shooter.

  23. adda twil says:

    Fuck you USA viva taliban

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