44 thoughts on “USMC Mark 19 40mm AUTOMATIC GRENADE LAUNCHER

  1. by the time you're done fiddling with your expensive toy, some iranian kid with sandals and a mosin has already blown your head clean off. nice.

  2. Jesus, this one soft generation.

  3. Nothing Nothing says:

    I’ve watched countless vids of this thing and never seen the grenades explode I’m now convinced this a conspiracy

  4. Nothing Nothing says:

    What does it look like when you waste 3000 of tax payer dollars:

  5. Bandit PL says:

    what makes me a good demoman?

  6. They need to have a computer system on it so it can be used as Accurate short range artillery support Indirect fires missions in a battery of launchers…. 2,500 yards range….

  7. James Mullins says:

    Holy fucking shit I got a boner

  8. Kiyan Bray says:

    It’s a machine gun German national anthem and WW2 flashbacks

  9. Abel Salazar says:

    T-800 approves!

  10. George Velasquez says:

    I wonder how much one of these is worth, and how come our teachers aren’t as equally-equipped to teach.

  11. Portland PD needs to get a couple of these

  12. Because fuck everything in any particular direction.

  13. Cubic Gaming says:

    Wait and the US army in TWD was overrun?

  14. Forget the m32 rotary grenade launcher

  15. Noah Heibenthal says:

    fully automatic freedom dispensers

  16. Budietoyka says:

    I really hope his first name is Alu.

  17. zoeblo paistinpannu says:

    the real reason they haven't made a handheld version of this is because you're immobilized by the massive erection that firing this thing gives you

  18. Gary Vallone says:

    A few of these with tear gas rounds at the antifa and blm bitches ought to do it

  19. Sloshed 4 Life says:

    Now if corona mutates into a zombie virus I need me one them

  20. Igor Zdravković says:

    This is gay, AGS 30 is daddy for this.

  21. L3g0 Fanat1c says:

    Y'know, just in case of an apocalypse

  22. david broussard says:

    i was a MK-19 gunner in 1994…never knew you could pass the belt through the feed shroud like that…

  23. Mega Loser Gamer says:

    Jackson get back in the mk-19

  24. YoonEVurs says:

    Hit the target please

  25. TheBelieveit1 says:

    I got an erection more powerful than any porn vid gave me

  26. Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions says:

    One word can describe the improvement needed:

    H a n d h e l d

  27. Victor Godoy says:

    I remember Jackson from Cod 4

  28. OfTheRapture says:

    holy fk just shoot it already lol

  29. J. Segarra says:

    I would love to own one of these, don't know if I could afford the rounds, but man o man.

  30. Tactical Aioli says:

    When I was a kid once I saw a police officer with big rounds on his belt

    Didn't know they were 40mm grenades back then, thought they were large pistol rounds

  31. Imagine getting hit in the face with 8 40mm grenades in the span of 2 seconds

  32. Franklin Benjamin says:

    If bust a nut was a gun

  33. Killer Bunny says:

    Who thinks that the new type of these in the future has better range

  34. No one:

    Marines with MK19: Poom Poom Poom Poom Poom Poom

  35. ประกิต อินอ๊อด says:


  36. Ray White says:

    Grenade pouch on his chest

  37. Mr Anime97 says:

    Who's come here after watching Human vs Xenomorphs?

  38. John Merll Baxinela says:


  39. iCantThinkOfAgoodName says:

    Ok but here me out:

    This but on the front of a plane

  40. Harry Huang says:

    We need the same scene played back 20 more times from other angles

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