USMC M38 SDMR vs Moving Robotic Targets

U.S. Marines with 2nd Marine Division take part in a delegated marksman (DM) qualification course on Hathcock Vary at Stone Bay, N.C.

The DM course used M38 Squad Designated Marksman Rifles and cell robotic targets with the intention to take a look at the Marines’ rifle abilities.


14 thoughts on “USMC M38 SDMR vs Moving Robotic Targets

  1. Hugo Dunsany says:

    "You Could Learn a Lot From a Dummy"

  2. Mountain Doom says:

    That is very realistic considering what I've seen from the Corps

  3. After reloading, for real I wouldn't pop back up in the same place.

  4. Cheeki Breeki says:

    And you use that thing as a LMG ? What a fucking heresy

  5. Jonathan Collins says:

    That’s probably the best set up for the M27 because the idea that the IAR was going to be able to replace the SAW was a failure from the start.

  6. Wickwire 9 says:

    Dammit Marines I'm sick of You high fluteing Devil Dogs👹 get'n all the good shit what'e Hell !?
    Dammit Man !!!! 😆🤔😣😡😈
    " I mean come on guys share some Love here"! 😘😉
    We got to support y'all surely you want us up to speed right ? 🤔

    Watching more of the video that's an incredible firing range moveable targets , that trench to fire from man talk about sweet !
    Guys you want to fire from what we have to shoot from , when we deployed those targets go up never fall down because they have so many holes in them you can stick your leg thru !!!
    You could fire 50 rounds at one target not one hit it, only way to make it go down was hit it in the head it's only place not shot up ! 250 soldiers we all had to go thru it several times to qualify that is if you added up all 3 times you get a decent score ! 🤬😡
    Where was this Camp Shelby Ms.

  7. eddieg1979 says:

    Still 5.66…..can we please do better!!!!
    The 5.56 sucks..!!
    Been to Iraq, Afghanistan…spent 8 years of combat between the two. Now I’m retired.

  8. RECO 1776 says:

    Ok I worked on the range in USMC and this is AWESOME ahaha I want to play no fair!!

  9. Baptiste Picard says:

    Cope attract unfortunately worth written cash privilege mouth.

  10. Serhat karadağ says:

    Ben tekkırma av tüfeğiyle bile vururum

  11. Counter Shill: Memetic Operations says:

    Still 556? You think we would’ve upgraded by now

  12. Thorny Dig8 says:

    On target and on time, the DM can make the difference in a fight. 🇺🇸

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