USMC Light Armored Recon Marines in action: LAV-25 (26th MEU overseas deployment)

U.S. Marines with Gentle Armored Reconnaissance (LAR), Battalion Touchdown Workforce, 2nd Battalion, sixth Marine Regiment (BLT 2/6), twenty sixth Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), conduct a live-fire vary within the U.S. fifth Fleet Space of Operations.

In Djibouti, LAR Scouts carried out live-fire coaching with LAV-25’s Gentle Armored Automobiles throughout day-night operations, in addition to integrative coaching with French companions on April 3-4, 2018.

Then they moved on to Jordan the place the LAR Scouts carried out small arms live-fire coaching throughout train Keen Lion on April 17, 2018.

The twenty sixth MEU trains to maintain expeditionary readiness throughout a variety of important capabilities each afloat and ashore to be able to be ready to answer disaster within the U.S. fifth Fleet Space of Operations.


29 thoughts on “USMC Light Armored Recon Marines in action: LAV-25 (26th MEU overseas deployment)

  1. gianpaolo villani says:

    Beautiful military vehicle, I want it to be back in operation for many more decades and never need to be replaced unnecessarily.

  2. Valdis Freibergs says:

    🍗🧔🔱🌄 Pentagon,Time to Take New Trust in Some God: It Left To You 28 disgust Sign,That Means "to Eight is over Needed Seven and Must Die in Hell",Clue All Men To Old Pederasts of Smooth Spoiling Our Life for Not be Catched by normal men as We Are.

  3. Stats Redner says:

    I never owned a gun but every time I get to shoot one wich don't happen a lot at all I always hit my targets or dam hair close to them I don't know how or why nobody has ever tought me how to aim even with the high winds I just to go a bit higher or more off target left to right up or down I have my own way to stand when I shoot . And with a machine gun I hold my gun tight to my shoulder or tight to my side not for a full blast but a tap tap kinda thing with a grenade launcher I just think like a basketball player and shoot like I'm going in from the 3 point line kinda thing how do I get to use these idems will never tell or give a hint

  4. Spa Splash says:

    Does anyone no what army is workin with the marines in this video? Ik there in Digb

  5. Todd Taylor says:

    I took one down with a lime green marine corps k car in 1990s. Just me my badge and a Berretta 9mm stopped this beast…God Bless 5811

  6. Rod De Bowes says:

    They're firing French MAS bullpup carbines??

  7. Carl Hursh says:

    They are too noisy!

  8. แมง โม้ says:

    US .. Gangsters.
    Threatening the world.
    Rob .. resources.
    The world is disappointed. 😂

  9. Francisco Washington says:

    Muito bom👍👍👏👏👏

  10. Micah Smith says:

    All I can hear in my head while I watch this is BF2 music

  11. Snake eyes says:

    Enemy Lav spotted!!

  12. Christie Kung says:

    U need a missile install at the back of yr vehicle against air strike.

  13. kuorosh gerat 2500 iran 7000 says:

    U. S. Superpower world

  14. Charles Box says:

    0313 mos if you was wondering

  15. Joseph Nkuna says:

    USA military is powerful

  16. c431inf 11b says:

    I hate that I can't tell if I am clicking a real video or an Arma 3 clip

  17. I didn’t know LAR can go on MEUs…how many guys usually go on a MEU? 4 LAV’s is a platoon, and a platoon is a MEU detachment right?

  18. Stocks Up says:

    Do lav crewmen carry guns to?

  19. 최용석 says:

    What a strong armor lav25. Finest fighting vehicle in the world as strikers

  20. chaotic/Silence says:

    Started my career with 1st LAI in 1988…the most decorated Unit in Dessert Storm. .Semper fi Brothers

  21. ALI ALIRAQI says:

    God bless the Marines

  22. multirampage1 says:

    Operation Firestorm.

  23. Brick Steele says:

    I wonder how often these guys cut out the "Light Armored" and simply refer to themselves as "Recon Marines".

  24. Evan Stewart says:

    God bless the USA 🇺🇸

  25. Hans Huck der Dritte says:

    Yeah, take THIS you isl***c bstards……nope…take THIS Kore*…nope…take THIS Syria….also wrong….I mean: We come in peace!

  26. Rafael Garcia says:

    wander hesitate array decrease instrument immigrant friend technique horizon favor

  27. Murlynd 73 says:

    I can’t wait for them to add the M203 to the M416 in PUBG

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