USMC Boot Camp: Confidence Course, Parris Island 2018

U.S. Marine Recruits with Alpha Firm, 1st Recruit Coaching Battalion, and Oscar Firm, 4th Recruit Coaching Battalion, full the Confidence Course Might 16, 2018, on Parris Island, S.C.

The course is comprised of 15 obstacles designed to assist recruits construct confidence by overcoming bodily and psychological challenges.


21 thoughts on “USMC Boot Camp: Confidence Course, Parris Island 2018

  1. John Williamson says:

    This was my favourite thing at Parris Island next to chow call. 1968-August 18. Semper Fi Brothers

  2. Michelle Palomino says:

    The Stairway to Heaven changed A LOT. Also, when did they stop singing the Marines' Hymn if they fall in the water of the Slide for Life??

  3. They look tired as hell

  4. Captain Rocko13 says:

    I’m 5 foot I’m curious how to go through that course

  5. Brady Nolan says:

    I am joining the Marine Corps right when I get out of high school but I am kinda freaked out about this cause o saw they had to climb this thing and I don’t know if there was any protection in case you are to fall. Is there any protection if something were to go wrong on one of these obstacles?

  6. Darin Barfield says:

    I see the course has changed quite a bit,
    Since i was there 34 years ago,
    Quite a few more safety related alterations, rubber or cushions added to logs or edges.
    Safety cargo netting under first 3rd of the slide for Life… when I was there, if you fell,
    You just fell.
    My Senior DI ordered me to let go once, 1st & only time I ever entered the water there…
    I was being verbally reprimanded by my senior DI, then the Company Officer, in which I was told to stop my forward progress on the rope and hang, still( basically at attention while hanging with hands from the rope)
    I assume they expected my strength to waiver & grip to loosen and I’d fall, adding to my punishment for being caught writing a letter in the rack the previous night.
    They took turns back & forth for at least 2 mins, telling me this & that, meanwhile there was a DI at the top of the rope – yelling & shaking it feverishly telling me to get off his rope , as I was holding up the line, and another DI at the bottom yelling & doing the same , shaking the rope with me hanging on it back & forth,
    Finally my SDI tells me to let go & drop into the water, I politely inform him, that I have the strength to pull my myself back up onto the rope & continue the pattern to the bottom.
    He tells me a 2nd time, reminding me that this is an order.
    So I dropped,
    But once you drop,
    You have to go back to the beginning & start over, now with wet clothes & about 10 lbs of dirt & sand in your boots ,
    Much more difficult under those circumstances,
    But I completely it successfully the 2nd time.

  7. USA would get destroyed in a land war.

  8. Cashopa Hodge says:

    Me: Ooh…the thought of splinters!

  9. Humble Daughter says:

    The women look so out of place.

  10. 1121conan says:

    1976 I was stationed at MCRD Parris Island assigned to the Correctional Facility. On a few occasions four or five of us would go run the confidence course at night after the NCO club had closed. As we were in MP Company if the MPs showed up they would let us go. Good times!

  11. ThisNameIsFalse says:

    Oh shit, that's my platoon! Sad i only saw one of my DIs but it's okay bcus i love her

  12. Mike Moffitt says:

    I Full Appreciate The Dedication of How Strenuous The USMC Training Military Personal.But I Would Ask Please,Of USMC,Before Futhur Field Training,In The Desert of Southern California, That Research is Done,To Areas That Compasses Malfunction,(Not Due to UFOs) Before I Explain Futhur,Heroes A Fact That Magnetic Resenence Imaging (MRI) Puts out 3 Tesla of Magnetic Induction,,Field,A Human Can Tolerate.Now In These Areas Where Compasses malfunction, There Has To Be a Magnetic Field Naturally Occurring At Frequency of 3.1 to 3.2 Tesla That Would No.1.Cause Compasses,Electronics to Malfunction.and In Theory Cause Chemical &Biological Effect in Military Personal Training In these Areas,Those Effects Elevated Anxiety, Hallucinations, Sleep Disturpences.That When Deployed Into Afghanistan or Middle East only Aggravate The Stress Anxiety, Lack Of Normal Sleep in a War Zone to Cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.THERE IS NO Research Into area That Electronic Commutations,Compasses Malfunctions,Or A Fundamental Root Cause For PTSD Outside a WAR ZONE.EnClosing,Please,Please NEVER EVER Be A Shamed of Contacting PTSD,Because It Was An Accident,That Happened To Honorable Warrior Heroes,That NO ONE Suspected It Because By Unknown Reason.😊kay.

  13. Brandon M. says:

    That stairway to heaven is like half as tall as the one in San Diego and the logs are much closer together

  14. All I see is a bunch of losers. KEEP THOSE pusssies out

  15. Those were the days! PlSC 1976

  16. David Boson says:

    out door phys ed?

  17. نبيل محسن العبادي says:

    تدريب جماعي جيد ينمي روح العمل المشترك في الاوقات الصعبه

  18. Abdullah Al Hafiz says:

    These guys arere awesome.!

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