US Troops Invade Caballo and Cebu Islands Philippines WW2 Combat Footage

US troops land on Caballo and Cebu islands in the Philippine Islands in this WWii combat footage clipped from Combat Bulletin #51.

Public domain footage produced by the US Army Signal Corps’ Army Pictorial Service.

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41 thoughts on “US Troops Invade Caballo and Cebu Islands Philippines WW2 Combat Footage

  1. Aiza Senpai says:

    Philippines is so popular… Spanish colonized it in 333 years, American colonized it 44 years and japan invaded it 3 years… So many countries

    Edit; United Kingdom 1.5 year

  2. Hà Nguyễn says:

    Don't you know in wartime there was always a unit of battlefiels cameraman under the military who also fought like a soldier in combats , their main duty was to film to keep war material.
    So much blood and bones of the brave , selfless people sacrificed for peace.

  3. Maria yssabelle love Marajo says:

    Know our generation is master of mobile legends ..if the have war they will use the keyboard

  4. Coh- Vlogs says:

    Grabe talaga ww2 na yan. Kung nabubuhay pa ako that time diko alam kung ano ma experience ko

  5. Tailgunner Rich says:

    My mom was there during the liberation of Cebu. She was about 12 back then. She witnessed the bombing of Cebu City. The shoot down and crash of an American fighter plane. And the landings of American troops in a pier. She said the American troops were always called by the same name, “Joe”, as in “Hi Joe”! And they would give away candy bars. She passed away in 2014, I’ll always treasure my mom’s war stories of old Cebu.

  6. shane moore says:

    imagine the boom boom with the local female population in 1945

  7. Caitlin Uriel Ramirez says:

    please upload footage of magellan invasion 😆

  8. Yachi san says:

    Hi i was wondering if I can use this for our project in filipino we will give credits to you

  9. Jm Legaspi says:

    Proud ako na yung lolo ko lumaban sa ww2 im proud filipino

  10. Continuing the long tradition of America blowing stuff up in the Phillippines.

  11. joevic meneses says:

    at 5:52 could this be the bulacao river between bulacao,Pardo &  bulacao,talisay ?? At 6:05 you can see in the background Sto.tomas de Villanueva parish church & the convent of Pardo.

  12. Imagine living in this era is hell. Now Philippines is peaceful thanks to US.

  13. I want to go back to this years and fight for my country too <3

  14. Pat Boyle says:

    Thank You for this. I am going through some of my fathers pics from the war. A lot of them say Cebu, Tubabao, and Mactan, etc.. Found this doing a search for info.

  15. My grandfather was here his name was John Reid Duncan he died in 2001 at 83. It's crazy to think he may even be somewhere in this footage. RIP to Grandpa and my Mom who died this year.

  16. Alan Todd says:

    Amazing! Makes my two tours to Balad Iraq look like a cake walk.

  17. Inday Gamay says:

    Sabi ng lola ko nung smuklab ang gera kapapanganak padaw nya non at nagkataon wala asawa nya nag iisa lng sya, kahit wala pa sya ligo non dahil 3 days pa mula pagka panganak, tumalon sya sa bintana nagtago sa damuhan dala ang bby, nanginginig buong katawan nya

  18. JBear SENPAI says:

    Then after u.s soldiers fought for the philippines, Most pilipinos blame the u.s for their country's misfortunes,corrupt government and poverty,saying that the u.s abandoned them. Ungrateful idiot fucks 🙂

  19. Anthony Ivan Aglugub Jr. says:

    Could the Japanese Discovered how Cebu Datu Lapu-Lapu Defeated Killed Magellan Would they do the same Banzai Attack?

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