US Troops Footage From Afghanistan [Strictly Documental & Historical Video]

This video contains footage of US Soldiers, US Marines and Afghan National Army Soldiers during combat operations against Taliban forces. The locations varies from crop field, village street and mountains. Footage was shot in various places in the Kandahar Province, Kunar Province, Helmand Province, Afghanistan 2010 – 2012.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of a war archive of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence. Video strictly uploaded for informational, documentary and historical purposes.This is a war documentary.

Video Credits: U.S. Army, U.S. Marines

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27 thoughts on “US Troops Footage From Afghanistan [Strictly Documental & Historical Video]

  1. Monkey man games Yee boy says:

    Waxen I’m 81 if I get drafted I’ll have to do it

  2. Ghost 0n live says:

    i'm leaving for the army in 68 days

  3. Kamal Dzafarov says:

    When the politics fail the war is always starting. Ok. what's the issue here ? The issue is Talibans is that's correct? The only way to fight Talibans is to give them educations and some time😂 You need to give them a time and proposition how could they change life's for better and be part of the rest but not with aggression or war. This makes them go against any government that trying make things better for them. Unfortunately the US and the Western World did not interested in satisfying Talibans or other major leaders in that country. They pushed the Democracy in benefits for the own.

  4. Rodrigo The grinder says:

    We’re do they go and who are the people there fighting

  5. FÄZĘ ÄñįmęŸT says:

    Be safe out there all to the army and rip to the ppl that saves our country

  6. Jesus Miguel Rodriguez says:

    I fear that the United States of America is in a war that is without any end.

  7. Charles Was says:

    Treating those peoplelikeshit. Have some RESPECT! U make America lookbad

  8. this is whats happening when yall are burning the flag

  9. Azure Tigers says:

    1:20 all fortnite players know what gun that was lol

  10. Avenger Lion says:

    In this video confirm taliban are in crops or in open area and terrorist use innocent peoples homes as a safeguard

  11. Sarosh Durrani says:

    Thanks to Taliban for Defeating US Army, An army with lots of automatic weapons, Allah o Akabar

  12. i love america but i live fucking turkey im kurdish plase help me

  13. fita latu says:

    this look like the Lone Survivor in real life

  14. Андрей Якунин says:

    This information was Top Secret, its details have only now been found out!

    154 Special Purpose detachment of the Secret Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, on the evening of December 27, together with 60 soldiers of the special groups of the KGB of the USSR "Grom" and "Zenit" participated in the storming of the Amin Palace.

  15. bylbo baggyns says:

    US only wins wars when it joins halfway through.

  16. Akhtar Amiri says:

    the graveyard of empires will destroy them soon


    Why does my 12 year old brain thinks this looks fun in way

  18. I’m from Afghanistan

  19. gidwensmoline says:

    I can’t believe we fucking lost

  20. Ruiyang Gameplay says:

    All those fights are just for oil. The US should put their troops out there and stay in their own country!

  21. Jason Echeverria says:

    hope the freind our okay!

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