US Special Forces Combat Controller Helmet Cam Firefight With Taliban Firing From Several Directions

Footage from the helmet cam of US Special Forces Combat Controller Mark A Forester in Afghanistan captured an entire firefight between a US Special Forces OAD team, ANA soldiers and Taliban fighrers firing from several directions at the US forces during Forester’s first Special Forces OAD.

During the combat action the US Special Forces are seen firing back at Taliban positions after taking direct fire from several locations before changing position and calling in air support from F-18 fighter aircraft dropping GBU 38 500lbs bombs on the Taliban effectively ending the firefight.

Interesting to see is also the fact how Mark motivates his ANA counterparts to act accordingly to the situation despite the language barrier.

The Special Operators engaged the Taliban with mounted weapons from their vehicles, machine guns and a Carl Gustav recoiless rifle.

Forester enlisted shortly after the events of 9/11 but was sadly KIA under heavy fire in 2010 trying to save a wounded Special Forces teammate.

The helmet cam footage was provided by Marks brother Thad Forester and the video was produced by Dan Schilling together with Zachary Spilinek.

You can learn more about Mark’s heroic actions at or pick up a copy of the book of his life, “My Brother In Arms”, by Thad Forester here:

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Edited by Zachary Spilinek (
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