US soldier The Price Of Victory – Dramatic World War II Combat Footage

War has no winners, only survivors.
Music = Steve Jablonsky – Sacrifice
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39 thoughts on “US soldier The Price Of Victory – Dramatic World War II Combat Footage

  1. othman Dz says:


  2. Gustavo pf says:


  3. Эдуард Гольштейн says:

    Я по национальности немец но мне совсем не стыдно за своё происхождение ибо каждый на той войне сражался за свою родину и интересы своего народа и государства. И я буду чтить память каждого будь то американец, англичанен, русский, грузин, украинец, татарин, якут,чеченец, Казах, или даже немец или японец ибо религия не позволит сказать плохого о ушедших в мир иной

  4. Эдуард Гольштейн says:

    Я смотрел молча и промолчу еще ровно минуту дабы отдать дань уважения и почтения павшим героям отдавшим свои жизни ради всех нас, за мирное небо над головой, и за свободу от нацисткого режима.

  5. Эдуард Гольштейн says:

    Герои! вечная память слава и почет за отвагу и самопожертвование в той войне всем кто был молод но жил в суровое и страшное для всего человечества время. Наш гражданский долг заставляет чтить имена павших в той кровопролитной войне чтобы не кто не был забыт будь то солдаты красной армии либо наши союзники совместно сжимая глотку краводалной империи

  6. We first make small mistakes;
    Driven by it to conduct bigger mistakes;
    Bigger mistakes creates misconceptions that lead us to tragic misbehaves; and finally,
    when it become a circumstances, no one can turn back.

  7. wolfgang6012 says:

    Respect for all Soldiers, from every Country❤️

  8. Man kiiling Man ????????????? all this for what for who , but to YOU MY DEAR BROTHERS , we will always awe at the bravery,honor , and Your great courage !!

  9. What happened to your japanese army and navy videos? I cant find them anymore

  10. Heyreddin Barbarossa says:


  11. Hampus Karlsson says:

    I remember you had a video about life in Germany during world war 2. Can you upload it again?

  12. the more vids you upload the less vids u have 😮

  13. Adventuring Pears says:

    My grandpa 70 years ago

  14. Patrick Duffy says:

    Another great piece of work from HCT amazing video.

  15. Do you have a facebook page HCT youre videos are fantastic .. to the bitter end is my favourite ..

  16. lucian kristov says:

    Keep making videos please. I've been waiting forever. Your videos are uplifting and powerful. When I feel down I watch your videos and I get an overwhelming amount of courage and strength. I see these men fight like hell and keep going regardless of exhaustion, fatigue, fear and all lost hope. They fought on and fought hard. Every sundown, every sunrise they gave it all they had. And it makes me believe that I can too! Thank you HCT

  17. Booman Hill says:

    Veterans Day 🇺🇸💪🏾❤️

  18. Achtung Panzer says:

    What happened to your video about the gebirgsjaeger ?

  19. Make "the price of victory" for Soviets.

  20. 30 EU and SJW disliked this video.
    What they have lost
    We are free
    What they have seen
    We are free
    What happened to their youth
    We are free.

  21. Next time some smart ass mellennial says "the older generation stole our future" make them watch this and say "if it wasn't for this generation you would not have the freedom that you enjoy today"

  22. Wahid Nino says:

    Title of soundtrack please…it's make me cry.

  23. T. 'Wild' Weasel says:

    War is horror.
    When in war for to long, war wil be inside you. Always.
    Then you'll become horror.

  24. Ярослав Федоров says:

    More soviet, please

  25. Um Casal Mucho Loco says:

    Melhor canal do mundo.

  26. sandro grech says:

    RIP to all fallen soldiers

  27. Brad nesslin says:

    God Bless America
    Land, Air and Sea.
    Best in the world

  28. Jon Aichs says:

    I see the American soldier filled with so much propaganda hatred for us germans…when we as germans were not their enemy. They have to ask themselves…for all that came to be after the war…was it worth it? Lang lebe Deutschland

  29. Can you change the music? Me and many other people like Transformer music, but it can get boring.
    Yeah you know better about your masterpieces. And thanks for your videos!

  30. الجندي المشرد says:

    Name music

  31. Blasted Billy says:

    Really well done HCT. I cried.

  32. UNITED NATIONS says:

    Thanks to great human ancestors, we live in peaceful world now.

  33. Joonas niskala says:

    Hello. Can you make video finland?

  34. dolfy1962 says:

    Magnificence job you did on this video my son , thank you for our freedom

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