US Navy Railgun – Their Most Powerful Cannon

This is the US Military’s most powerful cannon the Electromagnetic Railgun, which can shoot up to 100 nautical miles at mach 7.5 and impacting the target at mach 5, using only energy as it’s propellant.

The high-velocity projectile will destroy land, sea, and air purely from it’s kinetic energy, rather than with conventional explosives warheads.

The Rail Gun is a 32 Megajoule Electro-magnetic laboratory rail gun being evaluated by the US Office of Naval Research, Naval Air Warfare and Weapons Department.

The US Navy is pursuing development of the launcher system through two industry teams — General Atomics and BAE Systems – to reduce risk in the program and to foster innovation in next-generation shipboard weapons.

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48 thoughts on “US Navy Railgun – Their Most Powerful Cannon

  1. Wonder World says:


    1) At 0:50 I say "a velocity of 45 hundred mph". But the comparison photo at 1:05 show 5,600mph – The information in my narration was from my research, the animation in the video was from an older video, I actually did not notice the speed difference in the animation. if I had noticed it during editing I would have fixed it. my mistake.

    2) In the video I say “Using only energy as it’s propellant“ people are confused by this as even gun powder is a form of energy – True, but when I wrote that line in my script it seemed logical to say that energy aka (electricity) is it's propellant. it may have been a poor choice of words, but it seemed right at the time when I was writing it. we all make mistakes. I am sure won't be my last 🙂

    3) What a waste of $500 Million, that money could of been used on Schools, Hospitals, Veterans or the homeless – Yes it could have, but it wasn't, and never will, because the Government will always spend money on the military and Research and Development projects. No matter how much the general public does not like it, no matter who they vote into office, that will always stay the same. You cannot be the most powerful military in the world without spending money on R&D.

    4) What is the smoke coming out of the railgun – That is metal on metal contact from the round going down the shaft of the gun, hence why shooting this gun starts tearing apart the barrel.

  2. If you cut the speed of the projectile in half you would cut the distance down quite a bit more than half.

  3. Joshua Conley says:

    I hope it can make something hit china from California

  4. MarK Graham says:

    Two Words. Glitter Boy.

  5. The Drunken Gamers says:

    Can it fire around the curve of the earth? Or at least fire whilst accounting for it? NOPE

  6. crash6674 says:

    16" battleship guns chucking a 2k shell vs this puny little rail gun

  7. Pro Humanitate says:

    so they spend 500 million dollars just to shoot through metal

  8. Chedda Frumunda says:

    And it's CANCELLED!

  9. The Black Fox says:

    It is necessary to make the barrel longer, so that the projectile accelerates longer, and the barrel itself is less destroyed.

  10. Doan Prasmana says:

    the most problem is… to who you gonna fire it!?

  11. "Using only energy as it's propellant" I think you meant electricity, because litterally every cannon uses energy as a propellant.

  12. Tejasvi Gulati says:

    The background music and the video dont match 😂😂😂

  13. man with pen around neck says:

    ‪All war is the genocide of the working class for the profit & pleasure of the rich ‬ …..aka cunts

  14. Jim Morrison says:

    They never use it because it costs one million dollars for every shot. We might as well drop gold ingots on the bad guys.

  15. rudy nosa says:

    We have other world weapons.

  16. I wonder what will happen if you aim this at the sky? Will the projectile leave the Earth's orbit or will it destroy a skyscraper on your neighbor continent?

  17. alphapuma 14 says:

    “Using only energy as its propellant”, doesn’t everything?

  18. rolls royce turbine generators? sounds fancy

  19. imagine being a fish just doing fish shit and then all of a sudden a projectile from two oceans away just obliterates you.

  20. 177SCmaro says:

    Possible return of some version of the battleship.

  21. Klesk Quake says:

    Molte porcate in meno.. toh.. le camicie..

  22. Klesk Quake says:

    Top.. ok not bad..

  23. Can't wait for battleships to make their comeback with railguns and Rolls Royce reactors.
    Fuck carriers. All my homies hate CVs.
    This post brought to you by the BB gang

  24. Jeremiah 8: 21 says:

    All that money in research in development for over a decade and we go into Iraq and they make an EFP that penetrates any armor for less than 100 dollars.

  25. Jiggle Meats says:

    The next step is to just have the payload teleport into the enemy vessel.

  26. Xephblade says:

    I still prefer the Anime Railgun

  27. Piotrek Suwiński says:

    Aren't that like 20x more expensive per shot compared to regular shells?

  28. Mr. Bob Dabbalina says:

    Reverse engineered from alien technology


    Where laser ammo?

  30. Barney Rubble says:

    Make the rail an ejectable cartridge and store 50 rails in a special loading chamber with an auto loader. Swap them out as needed.

  31. Hans Grueber says:

    How many AOC brand Green New Deal solar panels will be required to power this gun?

  32. Holy Mother Oil Gazpromovna says:

    But lasers

  33. Descot Too says:

    That thing shoots that far flat? Hmmmm

  34. The Story Of Us says:

    Godzilla vs Kong? Naw just take them both out. If giant monsters ever come along, rest easy knowing one of these could rip them to shreds, none of this nuking nonsense.

  35. Klesk Quake says:

    Fbi e l arte d rubare.. caro la tieni in ordine..?

  36. Vivo 9700 says:

    เขาก้าวหน้า มึงได้แต่ซื้อรถถัง

  37. Charlie Bravo says:

    Suprised they use a aluminium casing, aluminum oxide is pretty much only second to diamonds when it comes to hardness

  38. zhuomin zhou says:

    Look at those ''Railguns'' in games

  39. weedsmith 93 says:

    But it never goes over the curve..

  40. Sypheur27 says:

    I like how in gta the railgun is about the size of an assault rifle but in real life it's this thing

  41. Realchill Dude says:

    A smaller rail gun? Like the Scorpion on Crossout? haha

  42. Miss Jay Speechley says:

    And I bet this gun comes with an equally impressive power bill

  43. lex the m4 says:

    pov: youre here because you were curious after watching daily dose of internet

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