US Navy Destroyer Bombarding Wonsan, Korea (Sept. 19, 1951)

Summary: LS, Cruiser Toledo (CA-l33), standing off shore and firing. The scene is made for the destroyer Parks; firing is away from camera. All that can be seen are occasional flashes and puffs of smoke. Extreme LSs, from the Parks showing smoke on the shoreline. This, says caption, is smoke of fires in Wonsan from continued shelling. LS, Korean minesweeper with cables out, widening the channel. ELS, two Korean minesweepers with cables out moving twd the shoreline. In extreme bg, smoke from fires in Wonsan. ELS, pilot of downed Navy 4FU in one-man liferaft while a sampan standing to the L. The pilot, Lt John J Wright, USNR, is pulled out of the water. (Rescue not clearly seen because action is obstructed by boat.) Aboard the Parks, the pilot stops to talk to some men as he walks to sick bay. He then poses for a still photographer. He is wet, but smiling. SLATE 20 Sept: ELSs, shoreline with some puffs of smoke, very small. In the distance, a plane supposedly bombing the area. Aboard the Parks, another rescued pilot is lowered from copter to deck. He is Capt J E Givens. No CUs.

Local Identifier: 111-ADC-9227
Producer, US Navy Shipment