US Marines Intense Combat Footage Battle of Peleliu and Ngesebus Island WW2 w/ Sound

US Marines in Heavy Combat Operations on Peleliu and Ngesebus Island WW2 with sound. Mainly shot from a ridge overlooking the battlefield, this film gives the viewer a unique look into the bitter fighting by U.S. Marines on Peleliu during WW2. The second part of the film shows the amphibious assault on Ngesebus Island. Narrated.

For more action from Peleliu, please see my other video, “Cleanup Operations Peleliu & Angaur US Army & Marines Combat Footage WW2” here:

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22 thoughts on “US Marines Intense Combat Footage Battle of Peleliu and Ngesebus Island WW2 w/ Sound

  1. товарищ Stalin says:

    thiz whole Peleliu campaign make Normandy invasion like a picnic tour,,,, the enemy, the tropical heat & the terrain waz too awful for American marines

  2. Nathan Hunt says:

    World War II desensitize a whole people to killing and murder and then they came home is it going to be wonder why the world is so much a mess today they tell people they're serving their country but they're really serving the rich who profit on the blood of patriots shame on them

  3. Samuel Li-A-Sam says:


  4. MegaRoFLL says:

    ANTIFA on all it's glory!

  5. richard c says:

    My dad built that airbase! Never talked about this island, ever.

  6. Gaming and Education LOL says:

    People take World War II seriously. That's good and great, but I hate hat people don't take the War in Afghanistan serious. It's strange. Also, cool video.

  7. Evan Meador says:

    If you jump the 4 puddles you can get the rat gun

  8. Chief Shepherd says:

    It turns out that if you overwhelm an enemy with fire power you'll win.
    No matter how big the opposition

  9. David James says:

    And yet today's Marine Corps is getting rid of its tanks. Sad

  10. Bxby xoxo says:

    2:52 that poor man got scared on the left ;(

  11. Weapons Education says:

    Eugene Sledge, that's all I have to say.

  12. Weapons Education says:

    Listen to E.J. Sledge "Sledgehammer Book. A true American hero.

  13. I am Jean Pierre, the Evil Puppet! says:

    My grandfather didn't get wounded during the Pacific War, but he did get a serious case of the clap on Prostitute Ridge.

  14. Francisco Garcia says:

    The letter that probably named prostitute ridge

  15. Seattle Six says:

    My father was there and became a raging alcoholic. My mother left him when I was five. He telephoned the house eleven years later and I picked up…he started crying right off once he realized who I was but I didn’t know how to respond, so I handed the phone off to my mom. I’ll never forget that call cause it was the only time I ever talked to him. In 1989, I found out he died of a brain hemorrhage in 1984 after I told my mom I was going to see him. I offer every reception of Holy Communion for his repose since 2000.

  16. CCphotography says:

    I love the guy at 2:50 trying to prevent the howitzer recoil…lol…falls backwards…

  17. Brad Lacko says:

    This really puts Eugene Sledges book into perspective. I’m so thankful I live in the same country that these same brave men were from God Speed And anybody who hasn’t read Eugene Sledges book should. There is a free audio book on YouTube even. If you liked this video you’ll love his book

  18. JohnnyReb says:

    God damn… Recoil knocked 9 kinds of dog shit outta that marine at 2:52

  19. Yellow Hammer says:


  20. Dan Elisha says:

    What is strange ,after all that bloodshed the USA and Japan are best mates now scared shitless of what China will do to them in the 2020s

  21. Shifty Powers says:

    The bullet sounds and explosion sounds are super fake

  22. I knew a soldier who was injured in Pelelieu when a munitions dump behind him was bombed, and exploded. There's no telling how much shrapnel remained in his body, but that tough Marine needed to take Valium for the rest of his life to vanquish the nightmares.
    Pelelieu is where the term "thousand-yard stare," derived from the concept of shell shock (now known as PTSD) and depicted in a famous drawing, originated.

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