US Marines in Afghanistan Combat Footage 1080p Intense Firefights Against Taliban

Combat footage of U.S. Marines and U.S. Army Soldiers in Afghanistan. Filmed in 2011.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

36 thoughts on “US Marines in Afghanistan Combat Footage 1080p Intense Firefights Against Taliban

  1. Skyshadow452 says:

    6:30 that one guy with AK probably a Taliban's traitor

  2. Chaffee 8726 says:

    War is awful man

  3. KirbKills says:

    The non us military dudes with the aks and stuff just don’t even aim

  4. Alexander Livadini says:

    I didn’t join the Marines because I didn’t wanna die,No Offense.They are really brave and strong soldiers

  5. preeminent_J says:

    0:42 when u almost get shot bc ur a dumbass lmao

  6. TayvohMusic says:

    Dude litteraly shooting upwards from the hip not give 2 shits. Having the time of his life.

  7. Chendo Rodriguez says:

    Dude was trying to dolphin dive on the controller but forgot it wasnt black ops

  8. Turbo The Cat says:

    I'd like to have every military personal whom have ever been deployed, start talking to these civilians who think war is like fornite. I hurt just listening to you kids and your tears. RESPECT to the military

  9. BlackHole Reconnaissance Gaming 101 says:

    I want to make a game base on this video. A realistic militia combat that is not face to face combat because In real life they fight in distance. Now.if I want to make a game where they fight CQB I make it where for spec ops.missions but it's gonna be intense with chaotic combat in split second decision. You gotta watch out for boby traps,doors,and civilians. It's gonna be a great game.

  10. conversational thoughts says:

    I can't wait till I join

  11. Bad Donkey says:

    Why is it with every group of americans i see one ANA running around doing really stupid shit, like the one dude shooting the AK up in the air, i mean he was shootin in the right general direction but you can tell those bullets were goin right over the enemy, do they not train those guys at all? Just give them a gun and shove them out there? That's dangerous as hell! They are gonna kill either americans or their own soldiers

  12. A Student Pilot Life says:

    Subscribe to war clashes or Army military? Mm🤷‍♂️

  13. Max Alfred JOE LA SEMOULE says:

    Pure american my-boot-in-your-ass-hand-me-your-ressource democracy operations.

  14. Jackyjones says:

    Hello, is this video footage free to use? I used it in a short movie in the background for a few seconds.
    Kind Regards!

  15. Trevor Slender says:

    Looks more like Battlefield than cod/fortnie

  16. Dave Yannessa says:

    0:46 dude literally gets a bullet 4 inches under him u can see the hole. Ladies please remember grunts have balls of steel

  17. Raul Alvarez says:

    Sum of them jsut shoot just to shoot I mean u have to

  18. Jay Caponigro says:

    I love how the translators just standing on a wall hipfiring an AK baddass man

  19. The Golden Nuke says:

    I watched this video exactly 2 years ago

  20. Alec Dakin says:

    scene around 1:24 is from Combat Obscura, highly recommend.

  21. Twistedjaide says:

    When that one guy was hip firing that AK like that. I could any hear Sgt Foley saying how hip firing. Makes you look like an ass

  22. The start of this ( 0:46 ) is from combat obscura, a documentary on the horrors of war and how these clips never show how bad it really is, that part was where one if the marines had just had a bullet get lodged into his head and he was essentially fucked, the medical heli was there to extract him. You can see the downed marine under the guy crawling on the roof to retrieve his weapon.

  23. When you hipfire your AK trying to feel like you know what you’re doing.

  24. Erik Broersma says:

    Jesus, what song is that at the end of the vid?

  25. Robert Jensen says:

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but do these guys wear any ear protection while firing these weapons in combat?

  26. landon long says:

    Thank u for ur service

  27. dublessings says:

    0.56 min loadout drop

  28. Cottage Gang says:

    shit looks fun ngl

  29. Random Things says:

    The guy on the saw with the acog looked so disapointed when it was empty

  30. MystikalDawn says:

    6:30 you can tell the two marines are getting pissed at buddy with the ak because he dosnt have a clue. Shooting with all his hot brass hitting everyone else in the face. What a goober.

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