US Army Helmet Cam Of Humvee Machine Gunners Taking Out SVBIEDs During Simulated Combat Training

Video shows helmet cam footage of US Army Humvee machine gunners taking out mock SVBIEDs and other targets in a simulated firefight during live fire combat training.

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Credits: US Army

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20 thoughts on “US Army Helmet Cam Of Humvee Machine Gunners Taking Out SVBIEDs During Simulated Combat Training

  1. US Army is Doom in a real War. One day we will remember the US the same way we remember NAZI Germany

  2. macabebe ebebacam says:

    i am imagining afghans going to america with humbies shooting cars on its hiways like this…or any asian countries..under the pretext of possessing a weapon of mass destruction..

  3. James Wewerka says:

    He should of locked down his ammo box on the machine gun….every time…vibration can cause a jam, then you have to get up above the gun to unmount it, take it inside and get out your pocket knife….but what do I know?…God bless our troops!

  4. cod nerds be like after watching this: why is he not reloading after the first shot?

  5. Tinker Tailor says:

    It's all pew, pew, vroom, vroom and Yeharrrr…. Until the AT-14 Spriggan on the ridge line smokes your entire advance and you find your retreat cut off by flanking elements.
    Without air supremacy this kind of caper just gets you killed. These vehicles would be taken out at 3-5 km and they'd all be walking. Modern weaponry is held by both sides.

  6. Echo Sierra says:

    Seems like training, not actual engagement. Notice the blank adapter on the end of the 240

  7. Mayan Aztec says:

    I wish the Mexican government would let these troops in to clean the cartels. I know it’s not America’s job to do so but it would stop a lot of drugs from coming in.

  8. Ser Twonkling the onyon rehng knight says:

    What kind of whacky sight is that?

  9. Black Hole says:

    Man that ain’t no simulation where is the Gatorade

  10. Richard Neville says:

    I always think the gunner on a humvee is extremely vulnerable to sniper or fire in general

  11. Ярослав Карасев says:

    USA fakc you

  12. jacob .witha.b says:

    Whats the loadout for ur pkm

  13. rodeo dominic says:

    Driver: PRESS R!! PRESS R!!

  14. Why do I see so many people complaining about people complaining about reload time, although I see no comments complaining about reload time?

  15. Walter Montalvo says:

    That reloading looks difficult and intricate. I think the gunner did great, I can imagine anyone of us would trip up. Only thing that bugs me, why can’t they design ammo that is easier to reload?

  16. User90 00 says:

    The eye piece on the scope was hella bouncing around lmao

  17. Jay Rilley says:

    Why they put that kind of scope on a machine gun?

  18. Ty Kellerman says:

    What’s a 50 cal round worth about 5.00 dollars

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