US ARMY Afghanistan Combat Footage


27 thoughts on “US ARMY Afghanistan Combat Footage

  1. Baraa Ali says:

    +Gerard FitzGerald You fcking piece of sh*t if someone asked for your opinion, you would give it right? No one asked. So leave the guy alone. Just stop messing with people who are joining, who knows maybe something will happen to you and then you'll join.

  2. Geoffrey Garber says:

    To those who are critiquing the soldiers in this video, if you haven't served in combat, just keep it to yourself. You don't know what your talking about and what service members go through.

  3. 222nightwolf says:

    Combat what a world ,thats so intersting Good against evil.One hit by a bullet your finish .unbelieveable bravery . 

  4. ewtert wertwet ewrt says:

    well men, are you pregnant? have you ever heared about taking cover? looks like fife'o'clock, not like a combat

  5. God 3SAGE says:

    I'm in the process of joining the marines but I might reconsider and join the army I'm not sure

  6. SharpShooter897 says:

    How about a swift brick to the face, that'd be nice too!

  7. charlie larosa says:

    What I want to be when I get older

  8. kevin joby says:

    Or a rondhouse kick from Chuck Norris

  9. footballers (soccer players) get paid to much the money should go to these guys for saving there own country do you agree

  10. talk to a recruter neer you look for them at go

  11. Max Robertson says:

    in my mind america is the best nation in the world as a whole, not for it's stupid ass politics but for it's servicemen and the people fighting these wars, an no im not american, im scottish

  12. Jonny Deadly says:

    Although, it does remind me an awful lot of my experiences in Arma 2 🙂

  13. Trent Mccarthy says:

    We're would u get papers to join the army

  14. Michael Casson says:

    The ARMY is the cancer of humanity?! Screw off man. I fight for the bros left and right of me, not for anybody else. We follow orders, get off our ass.

  15. obviously its not but the army is not as strict and on point as you think…
    some of them have ps3's to play battlefield for example and they are laughing and smoking cig's while shooting….
    Its not dead serious business either

  16. You're cancer of humanity

  17. So you signed a contract with ABN school, do you want a fucking Medal of Honor or something? Shit like 40% of kids coming at of ROTC and college have ABN at least. Cool story bro get through OSUT first.

  18. Marco Napoli says:

    In the yankee mind…

  19. The military isn't going to be like one of the video games that portray war, you have a real chance of dieing. Once your shot, you may never get back up, don't go in just because of games and shit, think about all the hardships it will bring on your family when you come home in a bodybag, or your leg is gone and you have to spend 14 months in a hospital learning to walk again.

  20. Marco Napoli says:

    Support the

    The cancer of the humanity

  21. PoptartPaul says:

    13 in 5 days 😉 and gonna enlist in the UK army

  22. Jak Frost says:

    enlist in the Marines thats the stupidest thing anyone can do. Go Army they will take better care of you, the Marines wont.

  23. junkietomato says:

    There's still quite a few groups that play regularly. Arma III is looking pretty good, I might need a new graphics card to play it though, lol.

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