US Army 9th Regiment Command Post, Naktong River, Korea (1950)

Signal Corps SOURCE: AFCF (US Marine Corps Shipment #7)FILM. ARCH & APC MP 568′ ea Silent ADC 8255 ARMY 9TH REGT CP Naktong River, Korea; 1950 Gen Craig having discussion with group of officers. One sitting next to Gen Craig looks like Maj Gen Church of the 24th Div. Two unidentified officers checking map, pointing to markers on map. (slightly underexposed)RV, Craig next to officer who is pointing to markers on map.RV, Craig next to officer who is pointing to map & explaining situation.Tank in roadway, some men behind it taking cover. Another man runs upto join them. Marines looking at knocked-out T-34 Russian tank.CU, T-34 bogie wheels. Helicopter landing.Wounded from the 5th Regt Aid Station are put aboard helicopter.Helicopter flying off. Marines at pile of captured equipment. Marines picking up rifles.CU, one of the NK Russian machine guns.CU, of another Russian NK gun.CU, captured NK machine gun. Men standing at the captured equipment. One man looking through a pile of equipment – helmets, uniforms.H Exts, Army cooks preparing food.CU, one man opening cans of corn & emptying them in pan.RG 111Accession III-NAV-210ARMY PICTORIAL CENTER, 35-11 35th AVE., LIC 1, NY