Urban Combat – Room Breaching & Clearing – US Army (2011)

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Military History Visualized offers a series of short narrative and visual presentations like documentaries based on academic literature or often main sources. Videos are meant as intro to military history, however likewise include a lot of details for history enthusiasts.
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This video gives a brief summary on space breaching and cleaning techniques based upon the United States Army Field Manual FM 3-06.11 from June 2011.

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Head office, Department of the Army: ATTP 3-06.11 (FM 3-06.11)– Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain (June 2011).

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Military History Visualized offers a series of brief narrative and visual discussions like documentaries based on scholastic literature or sometimes primary sources. Videos are intended as introduction to military history, however also include a lot of details for history buffs. HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT MILITARY HISTORY VISUALIZED ”

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Headquarters, Department of the Army: FM 3-21.8– The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad (March 2007).