Unbelievably Deadly Military Weapons Ever That You Can't Even Imagine

Unbelievably Deadly Military Weapons Ever That You Can’t Even Imagine

The earliest known purpose-built weapons in human history date to the Bronze Age. Maces, which were little more than rocks mounted on sticks, had questionable value as hunting tools, but they were superbly suited for smashing the bones and skulls of other humans. Later in the Bronze Age, the sword made its first appearance.

Since that time, weapons have been refined to maximize the killing potential of the wielder while minimizing the ability of one’s opponent to retaliate. Perhaps the apotheosis of this trend is the armed drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle that can loiter at high altitudes for hours before firing a missile at its target. Watch the video for more: https://youtu.be/OeZjdbO7Nfo

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