Ukraine War • Intense GoPro Cam Firefight Action Fighting near Donetsk • Combat Footage

Ukraine War(Archive video). Video collection of the battles of Ukrainian Forces(Right Sector) near Donetsk Airport. Indeed this video is not fresh one, but interesting and informative. Right Sector in heavy firefight during the battle for weather stations near Donetsk Airport.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Ukraine and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Ukraine. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way.

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9 thoughts on “Ukraine War • Intense GoPro Cam Firefight Action Fighting near Donetsk • Combat Footage

  1. Andy Gowin says:

    Noone flanking anyone. Noone is trying to win. Its like they're just pissed off at each other. Every video I've seen and search for…same shit. Flops and FAILURES. Retrieving bodies gone wrong. Half ass assaults that get held up. Just constantly exposing themselves…I mean I sit and yell to myself watching the shit seeing mistakes left and right. THIS FIGHT IS INSANE. Honestly looks like Ukraine is incapable and don't want to piss off the Russians especially now that America has withdrawn some. They know they can't fight without help.. If I'm not mistaken, we only have advisors in country. Bad time to be a Ukraine soldier.

  2. Andy Gowin says:

    Yall ain't dressed right. Wow

  3. Cameron Verotti says:

    hope that flank to their right isn't bare ass open.

  4. Fun Fact:

    Verdansk In Call Of Duty Warzone Is Based On The City The Soliders Are Fighting In, In The City So You Could Call This Warzone In Real Life

    And Yes This Video Was Made 5 Years Before Warzone Was Made

  5. SALEH-SA7 says:

    Killing russians with there own weapon lol

  6. Bobby Kobito says:

    Hey Jeff, you are using someone else's VIDEO like its your own… This is from 2 yrs ago and your trying to show it as new. Why be an a-hole? Stop using OPV (other peoples video) it is SAD!

  7. Malosky 80 says:

    since i was born in Donetsk only sims fit that i should go there this summer.

  8. Maty Ventura says:

    (=. look at the video I have (= $(

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