Ukraine combat footage: DPR fighters capture Uglegorsk town


Footage from Wednesday in Uglegorsk shows forces from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic moving into the town to ensure no Ukrainian government forces remain there.


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22 thoughts on “Ukraine combat footage: DPR fighters capture Uglegorsk town

  1. victor pineda says:

    Love it how each soldier Is carrying rocket launchers xD

  2. victor pineda says:

    Wow finally see support vehicles firing their guns BMP's : )

  3. PorckChopz says:

    Kremlin's Propaganda, coincidence how RT is funded by the Kremlin? I think not. The freedom you Russians claim is not freedom, the US needs a tad up on it aswell, but this is propaganda.

  4. The russian propaganda comments are going nuts here. Calm down vitali we know that this a part of your dirty campaign

  5. Stupid Geek Channel says:

    Why you fight UA militaria
    Why THE hell

  6. Alberto Barbossa says:

    YouTube keeps promoting Vice videos about Ukrainian fighters. Right after this video is over youtube plays a video from vice against my wishes. Why can't we see the DPR side of the story?

  7. GO DPR; r.i.p Givi, only cowards assassinate ppl.

  8. seoulkidd1 says:

    so sad to se Ukraine being used by the Russians and the West to kill each other off.

  9. Raptor1992 says:

    Pretty well equipped for a rebel force.

  10. Oyberg Veystein says:

    Let the Russians fight amongst themselves so all we have to do is walk in and raise a big AMERICAN flag when they are all dead and gone

  11. Colin Johnson says:

    What type of RPGs are they carrying?

  12. Raymond Li says:

    They filter out the swearwords, I can;t understand anyways

  13. Blake Grier says:

    I guess im the only American that supports the DPR.

  14. Handyman1703 says:

    The US never attacked a country that seriously tried to become a democracy, fighting corruption and reforming its economy. Russia did. Why, because a democratic Ukraine is a threat to Putin and his entourage. It is all about the power of Russia, like always at the expense of its neighbour.

  15. Freddy apex says:

    all this hate for America but yet America can end ukraine with a press of a button. Russia is scared of the west that's why he denies being involved with the DPR.

  16. ejnojmos hakers says:

    Russia Meddled with Afganistan. Civil war
    Russia Meddled with Abhazia. Civil War
    Russia Meddled with South Osetia. Civil war
    Russia Meddled with Georgia. Civil War
    Russia Meddled with Moldov. Civil War
    Russia Meddled with Ukraine. Civil War
    Russia Meddled with Chechenia. Civil War

  17. Jason Burris says:

    I'm not in the military,I'm American and proud of it.but, I do know this,You don't shoot at something you can't see,otherwise you're just wasting ammunition and giving your position away.

  18. Erik Pankiv says:

    Wtf is wrong with these "people". Rebals are fucking demons

  19. Tyson Blackwolf says:

    so these are the same guys that say that Ukraine are killing civilians when they have a tank shooting into apartments?

  20. Mercenary scum kills for money.

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