U.S. Recon Team Assaults Taliban Position Under Fire

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Army infantry reconnaissance squad in Nurah Lam, Laghman Province, assaulting a Taliban compound.The video shows an RPG that the Taliban threw down as they retreated from their positions, as they closed within 25 meters.

For all the armchair generals here, this team reacted a lot better than most I’ve seen. At least this wasn’t a standard “take contact, suppress, and retreat” situation. They took contact, identified the enemy location, pushed forward, and forced the Taliban out of their positions so quickly that they had to leave supplies and weapons behind.

Video submitted to funker530@gmail.com by a member of the assaulting team.

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This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage.

Read more about the war here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_in_Afghanistan

36 thoughts on “U.S. Recon Team Assaults Taliban Position Under Fire

  1. Alex Hanson says:

    It’s says recon team in the title. The patch is Red Bull’s. Which is the MN national guard..

  2. diddle the poodle says:

    Does this camera guy have palsy? For fucks sake. 😒

  3. Idk who is shouting orders throughout the video, but it sounds like an Lt. He calls for suppressing fire 3 separate times, and it never happens. One time you can hear an M4; but on another occasion literally no one fires.

    An Lt. is basically a private with a bachelor's degree.

  4. michael weston says:

    That’s why the training is hard. To endure, to persist against all odds.

  5. Robert Fudge says:

    Check the patches on the uniform if not mistaking Afghan military with USA advisors

  6. DeafMusician says:

    Black hole sun , won't you come and wash away the rain..

  7. Bill Yost says:

    In the middle of real world combat… one soldier in the thick of it pauses to appreciate one of nature's indigenous creatures… and, it still lives.

  8. Amin Khan says:

    Pakistan zindabad emarat islami Afghanistan Taliban zindabad isi cheaf gn hameed the world history check the history of the world

  9. Drs. R. Watzmann says:

    Bullits are for real. You only can lose your life once..

  10. That’s why basic is the way it is. That’s why drill instructors drill it into you. The fog of war can be a heavy thing. Recon is a brutal outfit. They go on missions with high probabilities of something.

  11. It's weird watching this, as a kid I grew up with Op Herrick being the main conflict and now I'm in the army myself at 23 it's almost weird that I won't be going out to afghan.

  12. Mountain Man says:

    In every single one of these videos you see absolutely nothing

  13. adam rhodes says:

    This stuff should be taught to our kids that was amazing captin

  14. Eric Smith says:

    Thank you to all that serve to protect the rest of us, much respect.

  15. Christopher Bryant says:

    Why did it seem the team leader was the only one taking things serious. No one was following orders, walking around like they were lost or hung over. Completely FUBAR

  16. 15:55 ANA – "What is my purpose?"
    Recon – "You trigger booby traps."
    ANA – Covers face "Oh my god!"

  17. This film has been digitally remastered and color has been added. The same technique has been used to restore WWII films.

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