U.S. Marines test fire FAMAS French Bullpup Rifles in full auto

U.S. Marines with Light Armored Reconnaissance, Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment (BLT 2/6), 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), participate in a live-fire range with French partners in the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Operations, April 3, 2018.


35 thoughts on “U.S. Marines test fire FAMAS French Bullpup Rifles in full auto

  1. ChompsLewis says:

    The sound reminds me of the rifle the marines had in aliens.

  2. Peter Rose says:

    This Famas > hk 416
    Sad that France can produce nuclear submarines but not an assault rifle…

  3. bourdon845 says:

    Cool , je connais bien ce fusil ( ancien des troupes de marine)

  4. Fuzz Fuzz says:

    damn this bullpup is good as VHS looks like we have sweet hot couple here , the old Famas with young VHS

  5. Sniffzoer says:

    every burst equals a citizens full day at work in tax money

  6. Artful Dodger says:

    "Nice, I finally get to shoot the gun I pwn'd with in MW2"

  7. Zack Grubbs says:

    What is the name of this model of the famas is it a g2 or a f1 maybe a completely different model i dont know

  8. T L Shorty Shorty says:

    Probably got them from the old Shadow Moses armory…

  9. Michael Lefort says:

    Are we really going to buy a rifle that's made in another country? Didn't we have enough trouble getting a rifle to fight WWI? We had troops training with broomsticks and two by fours because there weren't enough rifles to go around. Our first troops in Europe were armed with Enfields. A damn good rifle, but still not readily available.

  10. CrimsonFucR says:

    Pro tip if You do "hohoho" after each shot theres less recoil.

  11. Yanno Splif says:

    Le FAMAS réputé dans le monde entier !!
    réponse de la France !
    on arrête de fabriquer des fusils d'assaut…


  12. French be like "We only shoot in semi-auto" Americans be like "FULLAUTO AMERICA FUCK YEAH !!!!"

  13. Not trying to dog our allies and all.. However it looked so odd seeing the French guy's compared to our guys, (US) but they all seemed super skinny. Now it could just be the couple of French troops that were highlighted in the video, and IS NOT representative of the French armed forces as a whole.

  14. Charles Gomez says:

    Hey that's the Famas Vorétes! That's the same Famas used in BO1 and BF4!

  15. Do the current generation updated FAMAS's jam a lot? /Are they as reliable as an M4?

  16. SERGIp51D says:

    Still say Rainbow Six Vegas has the most realistic sound out of every game it’s ever been modeled in (my god so many).

  17. ASFvsASAP 1 says:

    I honestly think the famas is capable of rivaling the m4, bipod, shoots the same bullet, it’s bullpup making it more maneuverable along with having a longer inner barrel, not to mention it’s crazy fast fire rate

  18. many french soldiers quite depressed with the HK416. it's a great tool. but it's a fucking german tool. France made a point to make its own shit itself, nuclear reactors, tactical nukes, helis, subs, jet airplanes, carriers, etc

    Fancy nuts shit & crazy ass tech not worth funding our own programs for we trade with the USA and some others (awacs, upcoming railguns etc)
    Now, we don't have issues working with germans on civil tech including nuclear, medical , whatever. we actually do that a lot.
    But french troopers with H&K ? for fuck's sake.
    that's like a Texas born marine infantry country boy getting handed a Kalashnikov and being told "THIS is what you'll be operating to defend the strategic interest of the USA from now on soldier , no discussion" like… what the actual fuck ?

    that feels really bad especially when the government didn't even fucking bother thinking about upgrading our OWN patented stuff just to force that european collab BS we don't want. bunch of globalists wankers, promoted some scummy private civil sector eurocrat woman that has never even shot fucking gun at the top of the ministry of armies . that's like naming a morbid obese diabetic person at the head of sports ministry.

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