U.S. Marines in Combat with Insurgents – Heavy Firefight in Afghanistan near Sangin

U.S. Marines in Combat with Insurgents – Heavy Firefight in Afghanistan near Sangin.

Afghanistan Combat Footages from U.S. Marines with Company B, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion observe enemy activity near Sangin, Afghanistan. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion is conducting counter insurgency operations in support of the International Security Assistance Force.

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Credit to Cpl. William Faffler. Courtesy Video of Defense Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC).

Video created under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

34 thoughts on “U.S. Marines in Combat with Insurgents – Heavy Firefight in Afghanistan near Sangin

  1. Need to oil that 50 cal lol

  2. Richard Harding says:

    That's a heavy firefight?

  3. The fact that almost barefoot Afghans were able to resist the fully equipped and armored professional army, tells a lot about Afghan people.

  4. Mikey Lotz says:

    And people have the audacity to say that being gay is more brave than this

  5. Looks kind of boring.

  6. So does the enemy just decided not to shoot the camera man

  7. Starkid For life says:

    5:07 fuckin one man army users 😒

  8. “you see that penis shaped door?”

  9. What map is this? I don't remember it being in the new season

  10. Chendo Rodriguez says:

    3:02 one guy sitting with his leg crossed over wearing shades wasnt even phased by that boom. He was probably thinking about his family.

  11. Brian Goldy says:

    LT….=…..Is that Our rounds going Out ? Or Rounds Coming In? ………….Epic………Luv The Marine Corps…..

  12. Michael Sherimbek says:

    Hollywood 😁

  13. He-Man Foreva says:

    I challenge The Marines to work out for 💯 weeks like my boy, Hybrid Toon Extraordinaire, is going to finish tomorrow.

  14. GermGraves says:

    THE DUDE SINGING LOL………and i can sing higher then this! 11:06

  15. Evan Fedro says:

    Moped? No don't engage that.😅😅😅

  16. Андрей Якунин says:

    https://youtu.be/ic5Z269t87U "This information was Top Secret, its details have only now been found out!

    154 Special Purpose detachment of the Secret Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, on the evening of December 27, together with 60 soldiers of the special groups of the KGB of the USSR "Grom" and "Zenit" participated in the storming of the Amin Palace.


  18. Put them on even terms and those Yanks would get seriously wrecked.

  19. murder for oil. sorry you got played, soldiers. rich guys fighting rich guys with us as tools

  20. Wm. D. Nelson says:

    :29, ole boy hid the igniter in his pocket I saw him.

  21. 1:22 such a good beat, i’m surprised a rapper hasn’t picked this up yet

  22. Юрий Владимирович says:

    Rambo 3 is s good film! The phrase at the end of the film is especially touching! I advise all American soldeiers to watch! Sorry for the google translation )) Чушь снимали в Голливуде, а потом в сральню сами парней загнали!

  23. Virg Demp says:

    And my dad told me to go to the marines 😂 ….bullshit I do respect these guys tho cause i would’ve shit myself and gave up

  24. Petteri Taro says:

    Was that silence in 8:26 to simulate what the sniper hears at this very moment

  25. Listen to the Audiobook ”War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley Butler on Youtube. An hour long, it’s an important reading for every American.

  26. matthew cremers says:

    To all you evil f*** her may God help you don't come down my street with forced vaccinations or drafts or orders

  27. Dude this does not look like war. These guys are just chillin and smiling. What the hell is this

  28. omar suarez says:

    This is fcking nothing lol in yemen they play soccer during air strikes, so this would be a happy picnic

  29. The goose behind the slaughter says:

    Me in laser tag:

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