U.S. Forces Conduct Rocket Strikes Against ISIS Syria

U.S. Army soldiers conduct training drills and fire missions with M142 High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) at an undisclosed location in Syria.

The soldiers were firing for the Coalition’s local partners, the Syrian Democratic Forces, as part of Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve. CJTF-OIR is the global coalition to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


20 thoughts on “U.S. Forces Conduct Rocket Strikes Against ISIS Syria

  1. Miljan Marjanovic says:

    This shooting rate is a ''hold my beer'' for ''even'' S-300

  2. Charles Garcia says:

    Thank God Cadet Bonespur didn't get hurt! Maybe Draftdodger Ted Nugent will write a song about his heroics!

  3. ALI ALIRAQI says:

    Theirs A criminal groups and meltia in southern of Iraq some have support from Iran and some Saudi

  4. ALI ALIRAQI says:

    Isis have some support from Iraqi government especially from najaf dirty city

  5. ALI ALIRAQI says:

    Bomb Isis strongly until he surrender

  6. Joseph Astier says:

    You guys ever hear of counter battery fire? When that last rocket leaves the tube don't just stand around taking pictures, make tracks!

  7. Joseph Astier says:

    Burning Man was better next year.

  8. BRDCED KA says:


  9. Nathan King says:

    American by implication moreover confirm routine succeed relationship similar emphasis

  10. Bravo air defense Syrians!
    From the old Soviet S-120 and S-200 destroyed 75% of the rockets AIRFORCE ISIS

  11. Isaiah Strong says:

    More like against the secular government of Bashar Al-Assad.

  12. DECIMA MONTAÑA says:

    No more…. 👋


  14. Ceric Artman says:

    and every person in the US Military, how follow trump, should get ass cancer too.

  15. Ceric Artman says:

    Please Trump, get Cancer & Burn in Hell.

  16. David Marshall says:

    I really feel confused this morning, is this finally starting.

  17. MrSpinteractive says:

    Not a drill today. Let 'em have it!

  18. Counter Shill: Memetic Operations says:

    Why don’t you admit that the IS is a western proxy force?

  19. Roses Roses says:

    Knock them B****s..Military Daughter👍🎓

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