This is a color film about photographic air squadrons in Vietnam that help layout the battlefield for troops and let commanders lay effective battleplans. They also help keep the American public informed on the status of their fighting forces, ;23. Armament recording photography, :46. Air strikes being filmed, 1:11. Tracer fire, 1;21. North Vietnam Army barracks being bombed, 1:40. Railroad bridge being bombed, 1:57. Photo visuals of F-15’s and MIG’s, 2:22. Incredible visual of a bomb being dropped and chasing a MIG through the sky for a direct hit, 2:49. AAVS personnel improve the camera range and exceed 95% effectiveness, 3:25. Aiming devices appear on most gun camera footage, 3:40. Pod installations house 2 cameras, one looking forward and one looking aft, 3:38. Cameras are good for recording tail chase or looking aft to record bomb deployments, 4:11. Blister camera installations are cameras housed in protruding cases on the aircraft, 4:45. Cameras automatically activated when the pilot fires his guns, 5:00. Motion picture cameramen also ride into combat with the jets, 5:14. Servicemen on base servicing and maintaining the air-strike cameras, 5:58. Exposed film must be handled quickly to get to the lab for processing, 11:09. 16 mm color motion processing lab, 6:17. Within hours after landing, the film is processed and delivered to commanders, 6:40. Film is also delivered back to government officials and ultimately, to the public, 7:32. Bombing of supply routes, enemy camps, bunkers and strategic locations, 8:06. Mid-flight refuel, 9:36. Camera pans destruction on the ground, 10:09. Railroad bridge near Hanoi getting bombed, 10:28. MIG gets targeted, 11:25. Phuc Yen MIG Airfield near Hanoi gets bombed, 11:36. Original files are sent to the official archives to be stored as historical records, 12:15. Radar scope cameras are also used, 12:26.

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